In the press review for Monday, February 26, we’ll discuss: Slim Moonlander’s awakening, the syphilis epidemic, and finally Eva Green who discovers Sake.

lunar lander

The Japanese Space Agency (JAXA) announced that its SLIM lunar lander unexpectedly survived a cold night on the Moon and reestablished communication with Earth, more than a month after the historic precision landing. SLIM, which makes Japan the fifth country to land a probe on the Moon, landed less than 55 meters from its intended purpose near the lunar equator but tilted, causing its solar panels to become poorly oriented and its power supply damaged. Got interrupted. Despite initial predictions that SLIM would not survive the lunar night, the panels were able to return to service due to changes in the direction of sunlight.

bad number

Japan is facing a syphilis epidemic, with a record number of cases reported for the third consecutive year, reaching 14,906 cases in 2023. Congenital syphilis has also reached an all-time high. Sexually transmitted, this infection can lead to serious complications if left untreated. Experts link this increase to increased promiscuity through social media and sex-related services, as well as missed diagnoses. They recommend effective recovery and early testing to prevent spread.

quest for sake

Actress Eva Green joins seven other Frenchmen to explore sake production at the Tajime brewery in Asago, western Japan. The trip, organized by our friends from Osaka, Simeon Mollard and Julian Casorla, was part of a week-long itinerary that also included a visit to a yeast producer. cozy And a rice mill. Attendees coming from a variety of professions and sharing an interest in sake experienced sake making, including working with Yamada Nishiki rice and tasting samples. Eva Green found the experience both challenging and rewarding, particularly enjoying the sake soup.

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