Social Welfare Headquarters inaugurates its new bathrooms adapted for people suffering from osteoporosis

Barbara García Torrijano, Minister of Social Welfare of Castilla-La Manchainaugurated this Friday new bathrooms adapted for people with ostomies, which have been installed both in the public building housing the Department of Social Welfare and Health in Toledo and in the headquarters of the provincial delegations in the regional capital. Albacete, Cuenca and Guadalajara, Some of the facilities in which 51,000 Euros have been invested by the Board.

In Guadalajara, García Torrijano Have visited the new optimized featuresThe provincial representative in Guadalajara, Carmen Gil, along with the treasurer of the Ostomy Association of Castilla-La Mancha, José Julián Gómez, and several members of said entity, as reported by the board through a press release.

Ostomized people need to empty their pouch more frequently can reach ten times a day And do it in an appropriate, comfortable location with adequate privacy. For this reason, “it is very important that the administration gets involved and responds to the demands raised by these groups,” said García Torrijano, who explained that the actions taken include «Complete customization of the bathroom with measures And with the required height and adequate space” to be able to change or empty the ostomy bag.

Something that may seem silly and that can be done in any bathroom and no, because we are not just talking about a change, we are talking about an essential and fundamental hygiene that they have. Should be.” For this reason, the consultant defends that “these needs should be generalized” and “the new actions and improvements that are made should be included in all.”

Thus, the regional administration responds to the demand of a group that is estimated to include approximately 4,500 people of all ages in Castilla-La Mancha, although on average Ostomized people are between 45 and 55 years of age“A very active age, in which they have to continue to live their lives with complete normality” and, for this, it is important that “our administrations are open and fully adapted” such as the Ministry of Social Welfare and its toilets. Delegation.

With the launch of new toilets adapted by the regional administration, Castilla-La Mancha has 21 facilities of this type registered by the Federation of Associations of Ostomized People in Spain in five provinces. Of those, the consultant reported, “eleven are in the province of Guadalajara” while in Cuenca, the social welfare delegation was the first to launch the cleanup.

García Torrijano highlights that this is another step towards the normalization of ostomy patients who, given the difficulty in finding these adapted toilets, are forced to reduce their social life because, Given the difficulty of finding, many carriers of a bag they prefer not to leave for fear of changing their home or not being able to empty it into a clean and safe place.


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