Sora, OpenAI’s new AI video creation tool scares tech experts

The Sora tool is currently limited to visual artists and designers for evaluation. (OpenAI)

The recent revelation of OpenAI is called SoraMarked a before and after in the field of generative artificial intelligence, capable of converting written instructions Video Very complex origin.

This technological advancement, although not yet available to the public, has raised both excitement and concern among experts and analysts due to its potential impact on many areas, including the entertainment industry, computer security, and the integrity of democratic processes.

According to CBS News, Sora Capable of creating sophisticated videos up to 60 seconds long, featuring detailed scenes, complex camera movements and multiple characters displaying vivid emotions, all from simple text instructions.

Currently, its use is limited to a select group of “Red Teamers”, visual artists, designers and filmmakers who are offering their input to refine the product before its mass launch.

oren etzionifounder of TruMedia.orgA non-profit organization dedicated to combating disinformation Aye In political campaigns, he expressed his concern by saying that “the tools of Generative AI are evolving very quickly, and we have social networks, which leads to a Achilles heel “In our democracy, this could not have happened at a worse time.”

The statement highlighted the implications of such technologies in important contexts 2024 US presidential election,

Since this concern is not limited to the political sphere only Andrew NewellScientific Director of iProovAn identity verification firm noted that Sora “It will become even easier for malicious actors to generate deepfake high quality videos”, which puts both ordinary citizens and public figures at risk.

This capability increases the urgency to develop tools for organizations such as banks Aye To protect consumers from potential threats, especially those who rely on video authentication security measures.

Experts emphasize that advances in technology have outstripped existing controls and security measures. Etzioni He stressed that “We’re trying to make this plane fly while it’s flying, and it will land in November, if not earlier – and we don’t have that.” Federal Aviation Administration“We don’t have the history and we don’t have the tools to do it.”

Apart from security and democracy concerns, it also has other implications. Sora These include changes in work areas related to content creation.

The impact of artificial intelligence on public information worries analysts, who call the 2024 elections a critical moment for democracy in the face of generative technology. (Reuters/Dado Ruvik)

Reece Haydensenior analyst ABI Researchindicated that for businesses such as marketing or creativity, the multimodal model could be a revolutionary change, leading to significant cost savings for film and television creators, and encouraging the dissemination of generated content. Aye Instead of using actors.

this suggests Sora And similar technologies could profoundly disrupt creative industries, allowing even users with no artistic skills to develop innovative visual content, such as “choose your own adventure” style interactives. Media.

Finally, it is important to recognize that business self-regulation plays a determining role in managing the social impact of these tools. decision of OpenAI To temporarily restrict access to Sora Demonstrates awareness of the potential consequences of its improper use. However, uncertainty remains regarding when and how to use these powerful tools Aye They will be fully integrated into our daily lives and institutional systems.

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