Sources: Mbappe will arrive at Real Madrid this summer

Sources said the French star has not yet informed PSG or Real Madrid, but his decision has already been made.

klian mbappe have decided to join real Madrid Once your contract with him ends Paris Saint Germain This summer, sources confirmed espn,

This news was first published Le Parisien.

last month, espn Madrid were reported to have offered a contract mbappe And, according to a source, he is expected to announce his decision to join the 14-time European champions next week.

mbappe not informed yet psg nor to real MadridBut their decision has already been taken, sources said.

The 25-year-old’s desire to be able to play for France at the domestic Olympics this summer will be a key part of negotiations with Madrid.

And, given the previous change of meaning of mbappe As for his move to the Bernabeu in 2022, there is always the possibility that he will change his mind unless both parties sign an agreement. However, his move to Madrid is finally set to become reality this summer.

A source told espn that he psg offered to mbappe The salary increased to a total of 72 million euros ($77.8 million), but his offer was rejected by the French international. Sources consulted espn He said that by choosing to leave the club as a free agent, Mbappé would choose not to receive a bonus of approximately 100 million euros.

According to a source, his salary in Madrid is currently expected to be half of what he earns at the club. psg,

The France captain, who grew up idolizing the Bernabeu legends, Zinedine Zidane and Cristiano Ronaldohas always dreamed of playing for Madrid and according to a source, he feels now is the right time in his career to move to the Spanish capital.

sources told espn that he psg Two scenarios were prepared for his future plans: one in which it was contained mbappe One who will remain in the club and the other who will not. However, according to sources, for a few weeks there was a feeling in the club that he would leave the club.

Now that his future is decided psg Will follow its plan B and according to sources has identified rafael leo of AC Milan As a substitute for Mbappé.

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