South Korea, US and Japan conduct joint exercises in response to North Korea’s hypersonic missile launch

South Korea, America and Japan conducted joint exercises in response to North Korea’s hypersonic missile launch. (AP)

South Korea, usa And Japan happened this wednesday naval maneuvers Joint operations in the waters south of the peninsula, which included the participation of American nuclear-powered aircraft carriers. These maneuvers were carried out after the rule of North Korea Recently a test launch of a new hypersonic missileDue to which tension has increased in the area.

Practiced in waters near Jeju Island, In the south-west of the peninsula, from Monday to Wednesday, with the participation of nine vessels from three countries. nuclear powered aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson According to, these maneuvers were part of Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) said in a statement.

Other than this USS Carl VinsonDestroyers participated USS Kidd And USS SterettAlso missile cruiser USS Princeton By the United States. South Korea deployed destroyers ROK Sejong the Great And ROK Wang GeonWhile Japan participated with its destroyers js kongo,

The joint exercises began a day after North Korea conducted a test that it claimed intermediate range ballistic missile with solid fuel hypersonic warheadRepresents its first such test in 2024.

The exercise took place in waters south of the peninsula, and included the participation of the US nuclear-powered aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson. (efe)

According to the JCS statement, “The objective of the exercise is to reinforce deterrent capabilities The reaction of the three nations against and nuclear threat and missiles North Korea”, as well as against other maritime threats such as weapons transport.

These joint exercises are the first conducted by Seoul, Washington and Tokyo since they launched a real-time information exchange system on North Korean launches, and agreed to jointly establish a multi-year exercise plan to counter the developments. Is of. Pyongyang,

During the first day last Monday, Admiral Kim Myung SooThe chief of the South Korean General Staff visited a US aircraft carrier and highlighted the importance of the maneuvers, while also promising to intensify the joint action posture as agreed.

Recent weapons development North Korea Due to which anxiety and tension has increased in the area. hypersonic projectile And solid fuels are more mobile and considered more difficult to detect and shoot down.

North Korea’s recent weapons developments have raised concerns and tensions in the region, as hypersonic and solid-fuel projectiles are more maneuverable and considered more difficult to detect and shoot down. (Europa Press)

This latest weapons test also includes words from the North Korean dictator on Monday, Kim Jong Un, who advocated removing from the Constitution any reference to the possibility of reunification with the South, while declaring the country its chief enemy. This message represents the harshest position expressed Kim Jong Un marks a significant diplomatic shift toward and toward Seoul during his tenure Pyongyang,

The North Korean regime also said they would not recognize the de facto maritime border between the two countries and threatened open war if Seoul violates even “0.001 millimeter” of its territory.

President of South Korea, Yoon Suk Yeol, He told his cabinet that the response to provocations by the North would be “many times stronger” and stressed his military’s “tremendous response capabilities.”

In a speech before the Supreme People’s Assembly, Kim called for the adoption of new legal measures that would formally define Korea from the south Reported as “the most hostile country” KCNA,

“We may specify in our Constitution the question of completely occupying, subduing, and recovering the Republic Korea and in the event of war breaking out, include it as part of the territory of our Republic,” the dictator declared.

(with information from EFE)

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