Spectacular accident reported in Boyeros

CubitaNOW Editorial ~Monday 5 February 2024

In recent hours a spectacular traffic accident occurred in Boyeros, injuring at least two Cubans.

Initial reports via social networks indicate that the incident occurred at the Sanatorium of La Fortuna on 100th Street.

in public facebook group “Bus and truck accidents for more experience and fewer victims!” One user said that he helped the injured.

“It happened about 1:40 am, we were just passing by, as far as I could see he hit about 2 sticks, there were 2, I helped one of them onto the bus which took him to the hospital , He was very ugly, there was a hole in his head and he was bleeding a lot, but I knew, they took the other one on the same bus, I hope they will be okay, they came very hard, ” said user joelvis javier serrano napoles.

Several Cuban immigrants died in a spectacular traffic accident in Guatemala this weekend.

Local media reports say they are Cuban Osmani Broche Gonzalez, 54; Josue Gesias Melgar Martínez, 28; Marleny Hernandez Alfonso, 54; Luis David Baños Lamadrid, 25; Ihanowski López Pérez, 45, and Luisa Reynosa Castillo, 57, died at the hospital.

Similarly, he elaborated that four bodies have not been identified and it is believed that they may be Venezuelans.

Similarly, he reported that the only survivors in the hospital are a Cuban, Barbero Alexander Lopez, and a Guatemalan man identified as Ronald Valentin Chanchavac Pérez, 32.

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