Statement from the statement of the only person detained for the crime, Venezuelan soldier Ronald Ojeda

The investigation continues to find the perpetrators of the Venezuelan soldier’s crime.

(from santiago, chile) “We went in front of a building in the commune independencewhere we parked to smoke dope From approximately 11:30 pm to approximately 1:00 am.

part like this statement What did Kishore (17) do this Monday? accused In the case of the kidnapping and murder of his compatriot, a Venezuelan soldier Ronald Ojeda Moreno (32)Whose body appeared last Friday in the illegal “expropriation” of the Santiago commune of Maipú, Inside a suitcase and under a thick slab of cement.

According to a note published by the newspaper El Mercurio, which had access to the testimony, at about 3:00 a.m. the only detained person so far in the case saw that “a vehicle arrived nissan versa Gray colors, with blue lights, where I realized they were coming five subjects Dressed as members of the PDI, believing that they were going to conduct a raid. After about three minutes I saw that these so-called police officers came with a man who was wearing only a boxerDue to which they reached near the Versa vehicle.

He reported that this was when one of the criminals started Record from your phone. “This about this man Mana police -He explains- I saw that they took him to the sidewalk outside the entrance to the parking lot of the building, at the same time as the vehicle was taken to the street, this situation seemed strange to me because the people were dressed like police. The officers took the man in boxers and pointed him towards the vehicle in which he (teenager) was staying with (his partner’s name which remains confidential), which I thought was They knew That my friend was recording them. Then, they put her in the vehicle and drove away.

According to his statement, soon the author of the video will have erased, After the events, he indicated that he had decided to take her home, but suddenly his partner “turned onto the highway lane where the Versa vehicle was found.” At that time, the location said it again saw “five subjects dressed as police officers.” Then another group of people arrived, but “five people got out, three went into the vehicle that (the accused) was in and two went into another vehicle with the victim.”

As they ran, he heard his companions complaining and shouting, worried about going fingerprints In the Nissan Versa, “he said he had called his friend to extract them, (…) his mission was only to record the incident.”

He says, took the vehicle different routes Interrupting a conversation “Burn the car”, Nissan Versa involved in hijacking. apparently there was one in the car mechanical fault And that’s why they had to leave it.

The only detainee so far in the case assured that at least two of the kidnappers were from Aragua, “because of their accent.”

then they came to a place “Please calm down”, Clear reference to safe house. They came out of the vehicles and covered the accused dressed as PDI with a sheet. Then he and his companion left from there and started filling petrol. It was in that bomb that investigators found video with her face, When she asked her friend for an explanation of what had happened, he reportedly told her not to worry, because “I was going keep to win“He was going to make me pay for what happened.”

He eventually returned to his home, where PDI later found a blood stained t-shirtWhich is still being tested.

Regarding the relationship between the kidnappers and aragua train, The international criminal organization of Venezuelan origin, the only person detained so far in the kidnapping of Ojeda Moreno, assured that they wanted to recruit him and at least “Two Venezuelans were from Aragua because of their accent.”

According to reports the teenager reached chili Through Peru illegally with his family three years, and then reported himself to Arica (2,000 km north of Santiago), where he began the process of obtaining Home in Chile. He then went to live in Santiago, where he worked sporadically unloading trucks and as a fast food delivery man.

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