Stella Lugo and Hezbollah hit by a new scandal with Amtrasur aircraft in Argentina


The first secretary of the Venezuelan Embassy in Argentina was involved in a dark episode. The officer was delayed after a United States Embassy official and federal judge of Lomas de Zamora Federico Villena illegally took photographs of the court secretary.

By: Clarins

The two were photographed without the Chavista diplomat’s permission while they were inspecting a Boeing 747-300 belonging to the Venezuelan company Amtrasur, a machine purchased from the Persian company Maham Air. The aircraft has been detained in Aziza since June 2022 due to another irregular incident and is facing seizure at the request of US justice, which will be done shortly. That means the plane is going to be taken to America.

The name of the Venezuelan diplomat who was called late is Jose Jesus Jatar Diaz. He was taking photographs and was on the Ezeiza runway when new officers of the Airport Security Police (PSA) stopped him along with another man who was transporting him in a van of the National Civil Aviation Administration (ANAC). The Chavista officer had credentials that did not authorize him to be there and after a delay he was declared “persona non grata”. Information has been received from Migrations that he left the country on Thursday without being expelled.

The scandal affects the leaders of La Camphora, who managed and continues to manage one or another part of the ANAC, and Nicolas Maduro’s ambassador in Buenos Aires, Stella Lugo, because Jatar Díaz is his right hand and was since . Governor of the Falcon State. Top sources have told this to this newspaper.

According to other sources studying the financing of narco-terrorism, Zatar Díaz may have entered the Venezuelan Foreign Service at the hands of Ghazi Nasr al-Din (his name is also spelled as Nasreddine), a Lebanese and Venezuelan citizen. , which the FBI maintains on its “wanted” list. They are accused of being linked to the Shia militia Hezbollah, which Argentine justice says is responsible for terrorist attacks on the Israeli embassy and AMIA here. Ghazi Nasr al-Din is also accused of being linked to the Sons Cartel’s drug trafficking along with former Venezuelan Vice President and former Oil Minister Tarek Al Aissami, who has fallen out of the public scene today.

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