Stranger Things (Netflix): Gaten Matarazzo Wants “More Deaths” in Season 5!

The time of farewell is coming near for all the fans of Stranger things. The Netflix fantasy series, which starred Millie Bobby Brown and Noah Schnapp, will be coming to a close in a few months at the end of Season 5, which is currently filming.

And this latest series of episodes could be even more violent than previous ones if the writers follow Gaten Matarazzo aka Dustin Henderson’s wishes on the series. When asked during a recent visit to MegaCon in Orlando what changes he would like to make to the series, the 21-year-old young actor admitted that he would prefer more deadly drama. “It may seem strange, but we should kill more people. The show would be much better if the stakes were much higher, like any of these kids could be killed at any moment. I think we’d all be a lot safer. Are “He echoed comments he explained CBR.

“This is Stranger Things, not Game of Thrones!”

If the actor wants more deaths, it’s not the case the Duffer brothers imagined stranger things, As he recalled in 2022.”Trust us, we explored all options in the writing room (…) If you kill the mic, it’s like… it’s disappointing. …We’re not Game of Thrones. This is Hawkins, this isn’t Westeros. The show is no longer Stranger Things because it has to be presented in a realistic way, right?” he told Variety.

Yet he clarified that he had considered killing off Sadie Sink’s character during Season 4 which ultimately left her in a coma. “We talked about killing him off. For a while, that’s what was going to happen. But we finally wanted to end the season with some more questions. It’s still very dark and we don’t really know where Max is going to go.” “That time Ross Duffer confided Diversity.

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