Strike against drug traffickers: The largest drug laboratory in AMLO’s six years in office has been destroyed in Sonora

Sonora’s governor highlights the million-dollar impact criminals have (Photo: Facebook/Alfonso Durazo)

Security elements carried out this Insurance of one in the secret laboratory Sonora In addition to approximately 44 kilograms of illegal substances in a field near Quirigo. According to reports, this laboratory is Big During the administration of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

The governor of the entity, Alfonso Durazo, assured that the security of said site, which was in charge of the institutions of the three levels of government, prevents more billions of doses of medicine Reach the market.

Durazo shared some photos in which you can see part of the activities of security agents in the area.

Members of all three levels of government took part in the action (Photo: Alfonso Durazo)

In particular, more than 35 thousand kilograms of finished goods In addition to five thousand other substances used for the production of methamphetaminesAs well as more than eight thousand liters of chemical precursors.

It should be noted that the site was 102 condensers, 72 reactors and more than 30 centrifuges, In photos shared by the Governor of Sonora you can see that there were various white sacks, some wooden structures as well as several plastic containers at the site.

“By stopping the distribution of this amount, we contribute to reducing the trend of consumption, especially among the youth,” the president wrote on his social networks on the afternoon of February 11.

The site was destroyed by the authorities (Photo: Alfonzo Durazo)

The spot, where some vehicles were also found, is located near Rancho Viejo Community and was discovered by coordination between the Secretary of the Navy (semar), officials of Sonora and elements of the Attorney General’s Office of the Republic (FGR,

No arrests were reported after the laboratory was seized and it is not known which criminal group may be related to the discovery. However, various criminal cells associated with drug trafficking operate in Sonora.

In September 2023, a large clandestine laboratory was seized in the city of Alaia, Culiacan, sinaloa, On that occasion the Navy described this discovery as one of the largest discoveries in the unit and it also represents crorepati hit For organized crime.

Semar located the facilities on the banks of a river. (semar)

On that occasion, Semer explained in detail 8 thousand kilograms of methamphetamineMore than 33 thousand chemical precursors, as well as a dozen reactors, 21 condensers, two mixers, as well as various materials for the production of these synthetic drugs.

“This laboratory constitutes One of the largest and most equipped which has been secured in the current year (2023) due to the quantity of drugs seized, as well as the equipment destroyed; So that greater economic impact can be achieved on organized crime 56 million dollars,

So if this is compared with the recent assurance in Sonora, the latter represents a major impact For organized crime, for the substances found at the site and for the amount of money represented in the losses to the criminals.

The seizure and destruction of the laboratory in Sonora was reported at least later. two armed attacks At two points of the unit. First of all, in the community of mecoba armed men attacked FamilyDue to which three people died.

While in another action, a group of daily wage laborers were attacked with bundles by a group of people present on a hillock, killing four and injuring seven others. In view of these incidents, three alleged members Pelones He was arrested.

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