The Royal Academy of Medicine and Surgery of Zaragoza, on its Valentine’s anniversary…

The excellent Aragonese anniversary of that day remembers that today, February 12, 1831 marked an important moment in the history of medicine in Zaragoza with the creation of the Royal Academy of Medicine and Surgery in Zaragoza., This institution was founded by Royal Decree of King Ferdinand VII and marked the end of the Protomedicato of Aragon.

He Dr. D. Eusebio Llera assumes the presidency of the Royal Academy of Medicine of Zaragoza in its constitution, The Academy is a public law corporation supervised by the Ministry of Education and Science and is part of the Institute of Spain with the High Patronage of HM the King. Its territorial scope includes the autonomous communities of Aragon, La Rioja, Navarra and the province of Soria.And is affiliated with the Institute of Spain.

Headquarters of the Royal Academy It is located in Zaragoza, specifically in Plaza Basilio Paraíso, 4, Where it carries out its normal activities. Its main functions include To promote research in medical sciencess, organizing scientific sessions, cooperating with health authorities, issuing reports and promoting advances in medical science.

The corporate life of the Royal Academy of Medicine of Zaragoza is composed of different classes of academicians, including honorary, numerate, honorary, emeritus and correspondents. The institution has a board of directors in charge of its direction and governance. Permanent Academicians wear a gold medal inscribed with the symbol of medicine, and there is an internal governing regulation approved in 2004 for the operation of the Academy.

What is an ephemeride?

An anniversary is an important date or event that is celebrated or remembered on a certain date of the year., These are usually anniversaries of historical events, important discoveries, birthdays of famous people, religious dates, or commemorations of national events.

Anniversaries can be commemorative, educational or simply informational. Some anniversaries are of global significance, while others may be more relevant at a local or regional level. Anniversaries are an important way to remember our past and reflect on its meaning for the present and future.

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