Study Medicine with Classes on Saturdays: Study Plan

Loyola University of Seville has published Courses for your medical degree. As mentioned in state official newspaper (BOE), the degree will be based on five blocks of subjects including an external internship, and will consist of 360 ECTS credits. as it went on medical writingThe private center has also implemented a series of measures including increasing attendance hours Schedule some classes on Saturday,

The University Council has recently approved this Loyola University Medicine course council of ministers The official announcement was made at its meeting on 27 December.

The degree will be structured around five sections of subjects. subjects corresponding to basic formation will provide 102 credits, and Mandatory189. In addition, medical students will be able to obtain nine ECTS optional and with 54 others external internship, He final degree project Represents six credits. In total, 360, which is the minimum required in the rest of Spain for these studies (the vast majority of courses have 240).

According to the BOE, the Medicine degree at Loyola University of Andalusia consists of six modules. The first refers to Morphology, structure and functions of the human body, which covers, among other topics, the fundamentals of biological science. it will be taught later Introduction to social therapy, communication skills and researchWhich includes public health, psychosocial aspects and biomedicine.

The third module of these is linked to human clinical trainingAnd fourth, to Diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, In addition, there will be a block of electives on advances in medicine and extension in the humanities.

About external internshipA rotation in medical, surgical or family medicine, emergency and emergency specialties is offered.

Last November, medical classes began at Loyola University, which was founded as The first private educational institution in Andalusia In obtaining authorization to teach this degree.

More contact hours and classes on Saturdays

Loyola University informed this newspaper that they are already implementing a number of adaptation measures to guarantee teaching quality, competency-based education, student experience and “the high quality standards by which Loyola University is governed.”

In addition to other new features, students who started in November Increase in the number of face-to-face teaching hours Up to 50 percent per day. Another solution is scheduling classes and some activities on Saturday mornings.

Medicine course started at Loyola

Last November, the first 60 students arrived at the Dos Hermanas campus to join the first class of private doctors, after on Tuesday the Governing Council of the Junta de Andalusia authorized Loyola to teach this degree.

In July 2023, Council of Universities The implementation of Nursing and Medicine degrees at the Center of the Society of Jesus was put on hold after a negative evaluation by ACUA, raising doubts over the provision of the necessary infrastructure and equipment for this training. The Rectorate had requested a review which was resolved last September and which was inclined in his favour, which allowed him, at first, to complete it. nursing studies, And later medicine.

The Andalusian Government appeals to accelerate this degree as much as possible in order to overcome the shortage of doctors that has persisted for many years in the region. a deficit he also hopes to reduce New public faculty of medicine in Almería and Jaén,

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