Study says even a little exercise daily reduces the risk of stroke

The 2020 study emphasizes the importance of some level of physical exercise versus total inactivity, in line with the World Health Organization’s recommendations that “some exercise is better than no exercise.”

Healthday News – A Little Bit physical activity can reduce the risk of the strokes A recent review suggests that a person’s (stroke) is compared to a person sitting on a couch.

People whose physical activity levels did not meet recommended guidelines had a lower risk of stroke than those who did not exercise, researchers report.

Compared to not exercising, The highest “ideal” amount of physical activity reduced stroke risk by 29 percent.The researchers noted.

However, even “Below target” activity reduced risk by 18%As the results show.

Jogging and normal walking can both reduce the risk of stroke “below target” (illustrative image infobay)

“According to our results, All levels of leisure-time physical activity can be beneficial for stroke prevention, including at levels currently considered low or inadequate,” said the team led by rafael ornelloPostdoctoral Senior Researcher in Applied Clinical Sciences and Biotechnology at the University of L’Aquila, Italy.

“People should be encouraged to be physically active even at the lowest levels”The researchers concluded.

For their paper, the team pooled results from 15 previous studies on physical activity levels and stroke risk, more of which included 752,000 adults Followed up for an average of more than a decade.

The researchers found that overall, moderate levels of physical activity that fell below the recommended level still reduced stroke risk by 27 to 29 percent compared with no exercise.

The researchers said that compared with no exercise, the highest “ideal” amount of physical activity reduced the risk of stroke by 29 percent (illustrative image Infobae)

The researchers said the effects were independent of gender or age. Basically, everyone can benefit from any physical activity they do in their spare time.

The new study is published in the March 5 issue of the journal Journal of Neurology Neurosurgery and Psychiatry,

International guidelines recommend 150 minutes or more of moderate-intensity physical activity per week, or 75 minutes or more of vigorous activityThe researchers note in the supporting notes.

Some examples of moderate intensity activity are Brisk walking, water aerobics, ballroom dancing, gardening, doubles tennis and casual cyclingAccording to the American Heart Association (American Heart Association, AHA,

Swimming is one of the high intensity physical activities (illustrative image infobay)

involves vigorous intensity activity running, swimming, jumping rope, fast cycling And the AHA says doing a lot of yard work, like shoveling or spading, can help.

“Our results are consistent with a key principle of evidence-based recommendations World Health Organization of 2020 for physical activity, i.e., some exercise is better than no exerciseThe researchers wrote in a journal news release.

More information: The American Heart Association has more information on physical activity recommendations.

Source: BMJ, press release, March 5, 2024

*Dennis Thompson-HealthDay Reporters © The New York Times 2024

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