Surprising discovery on Mars that could change the way we understand the universe


For years, the scientific community has suspected that Mars was once a planet similar to Earth, but over time it turned into a frozen desert. In this sense, the Mars Express spacecraft made a surprising discovery in underground layers, which could change the way we understand the universe.

By: The Nation

The Mars Express spacecraft found significant amounts of ice in underground layers of the surface of Mars, which could allow the development of life on that planet. The discovery was made in an area called the Musee Fosse (MFF), where 2.5 km of unknown nature was found in the area after 20 years of exploration.

It was confirmed that this region is 3.7 km and very rich in ice, similar to the polar caps, as determined by the new MARSIS radar on the European Space Agency’s Mars Express. As a result, these ices found on Mars could melt and generate an aqueous layer.

In this context, Thomas Waters, author of the MFF research at the Smithsonian Institution, noted this surprising discovery: “When there is water, even ice, evidence of life or past life is possible.”

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