T-Mobile Announces Residential Internet Service – Metro Puerto Rico

General Manager of T-Mobile in Puerto Rico, George Martelannounced that the company would enter the Internet service market for homes on the island, ensuring that they would surpass the service currently provided by other companies.

is about T-Mobile 5G Home InternetWhich will have wireless internet connection for nearby houses $50 monthly.

“Puerto Rico is going to enter a new era of connectivity, this is a milestone in that Puerto Rico will now be able to connect in new ways, in simpler ways,” Martel said at a press conference.

martel It was emphasized that most of the studies conducted indicate that consumers make frequent complaints and assurances that home Internet provided by other companies is “not reliable”, so the company provided this service and launched its 5G Better quality ensured with the network. , Furthermore, he assured that the service will be accessible to all consumers in Puerto Rico.

“The home internet segment in Puerto Rico lacks innovation, it lacks competitiveness, it lacks customer service experience and we are going to change that starting today. T Mobile This has testified to the kind of competition we bring in for the benefit of consumers and now we are going to do the same. “We are hopeful that competitors will adjust and Puerto Rico will have what it deserves, a high-speed, reliable home Internet that is at the level of the most advanced in the world,” he said.

Those interested in the service should visit tmobilepr.com/home-internet or visit a local store to find out their eligibility for the service.

Several points about home internet according to T-Mobile

  • A fixed monthly price. T‑Mobile 5G Home Internet costs $50 per month with autopay and voice line, and nothing more. There are no taxes added on eligible accounts, no monthly fees or device costs, so customers get the freedom and flexibility of home internet with no hidden fees.
  • Simple setup. Customers simply need to visit the store, choose a gateway, connect it, download the app, and they’ll be connected in less than 15 minutes.
  • A worry free trial period. Eligible customers have the option to try T-Mobile’s 5G Home Internet with no strings attached for 15 days. When it’s time to switch, T-Mobile will pay up to $750 to cover the early termination fees charged by other Internet service providers.
  • Fixed price. We lock customers’ monthly rate and give them peace of mind by letting them know that if T-Mobile ever raises their base price, you can ask us to refund your last month of service. Subject to exclusions such as taxes and fees.

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