Elyfer Torres, actress of Telemundo, cause polmica to display their armpits hairy

City of Mexico.- The actress Telemundo, Elyfer Towers, caus controversy, after sharing some photos, in which exhibi its armpits, hairy, unleashing multiple reviews. Were various clips, in which the protagonist of Betty in New York, and showed his great hair armpit, something that she seems to well to ignore all kinds of negative messages. You … Read more

They are huge! Natalia Barulich proud display its change of size

The wedding Maluma left everyone amazed in your account of Instagram and the comments rained down cats and dogs, as their fans prove that increased size due to the considerable difference can be seen between the current image with the previous one. Natalia Barulich you have opted to generate a buzz in social networks and … Read more

The graphics on the display in Half Life Source? | Black Mesa V1.0 in graphics | Gameplay, Benchmark – PC Games Hardware

The graphics on the display in Half Life Source? | Black Mesa V1.0 in graphics | Gameplay, Benchmark-PC Games Hardware Half-Life-Remake – Black Mesa 1.0 is the official Release date for the Trailer round-up. So good for you that you have a “Half-Life” not-yet-experienced with the crown.in the The Black Mesa in all of the … Read more

The revolutionary Smartphone concept, such As a Display for blind people-News |

Fri, 11:06 am¬∑Hardware¬∑available The Trend is for the Smartphone devices and Tablet in one, and it continues to strengthen. Samsung has made the Galaxy Bend it after it is initially very difficult, as a Device, the program, Microsoft is expected to sell from the drop-off from your Smartphone foldable Surface area Approx. A bit of … Read more

Feature, a Drop installed in the Pixel 4 of the lights on the Display, to Update a 40-percent brighter

With the use of a Drop for the month of March, 2020, Google has delivered a host of new features to the Pixel-Smartphones from Pixel 2 and Pixel 4. The current Generation of Smartphones, Google is also going to get a new and unique way to automatically control the brightness of the Screen. In this … Read more

The Smartphone-concepts, is A display that can be rolled up, and the one with the two buckling

In the market of Smartphones with flexible Displays are still in their infancy. TCL has unveiled two new concepts for the use of this display technology in a Smartphone. Prior devices rely on a folding mechanism to open the Smartphone is similar to a flip phone, or tried to. A different approach would be to … Read more