‘Tata’ Martino, on signing: “The team will be closed for Orlando”

Inter Miami continues to finalize the final details of its squad ahead of its debut against Real Salt Lake Next Wednesday (February 21). The ‘Herons’ announced last Monday the sale of Gregor to Brazilian Batafogo and the transfer of Edison Azcona to Las Vegas Lights with a purchase option. Awaiting reinforcements, Instructions start with ‘exit operation‘Creating enough salary space to not be a problem with MLS’,

“It all relates to the question of salary space, it is not just a conversation. You have to make space and sometimes it’s not even to bring in a player, it’s to start the season without any problems. Sometimes you have to get rid of players at the last minute that you don’t want to leave.But because they have the market and a good amount of money, it happens. I wish we had a full team for Orlando“, ‘Tata’ Martino would say about the departure of the last few hours

Gregor’s departure is a serious blow to Inter Miami’s aspirations for this season, The pivot had become one of Martino’s key pieces last season, but a million-dollar offer from the Brasileirão ultimately tipped the balance in favor of his sale. Club sporting director Chris Henderson said, “We would like to thank Gregor for his contributions on and off the field of play, and wish him all the best in the next phase of his career as he returns home to Brazil.” “We are preparing ourselves for what we are sure will be an exciting 2024 season.”

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,News could come a week from Orlando City (about new signings), The transfer market in the league is open until April 24 and perhaps what cannot happen now will happen later,’ commented Tata Martino regarding the latest signings to arrive at the club. The club has approved the incorporation of Federico Redondo (Natural choice for Gregor) Five million from Argentina Juniors in fixed plus 3.5 easily complied variables. On the other hand, In the past few hours the possibility of the addition of Rosario right-back Franco Escobar from Houston Dynamo arosebut according to miami herald The option will be rejected by MLS.

The Herons coach sees both Messi and Suarez having a great moment and expects them to be at 100 in their league debut against Real Salt Lake.Sam NavarroUSA TODAY Sports via Reuters

Florida media itself indicates this The arrival of the ‘Galacticos’ has burst the club’s budget limits, While only Messi and Alba have designated player places, the wages of Busquets and Luis Suarez have left a hole in the plan, with managers having a full offseason to balance the books. However, In practice this has been more difficult than expected due to “the desire of some players to share space with Messi in the company”.,

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