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TechMillennium celebrates international day of happiness With an event that invites you to contemplate the purpose of life. Wellness experts provide tools to find purpose and live a fulfilling life.

within the framework of comprehensive wellness weekIn celebration of International Happiness Day, Institute of Integral Wellbeing Sciences organizes event “Wellness 360: Life with Purpose” Last Wednesday, March 20 at Tecmillenio Las Torres.

On this occasion, the agenda brought together famous personalities who have raised the name of Mexico. First of all, Katya EchajarretaElectrical engineer and the first Mexican woman to travel to space, as well as Olympic champion in figure skating, Donovan Carrillo, Both the youngsters talked about the effort, dedication and commitment they have put in their careers to achieve their dreams, becoming great role models for the youth.

In the field of well-being and mental health, the Director of TechMilenio’s Comprehensive Well-Being Science Institute was present, Rosalinda Ballesteros, Like alma lozano, Clinical and Health Psychologist; And Cessie JunoEcuadorian singer-songwriter, composer, music therapist and workshop leader.

The main objective of the event was to explore How to live a life with purpose, commitment, self-love and inspiration Can be an important factor in personal growth and overcoming challenges.

One of the most anticipated conferences was Katya Echazarreta’s conference “Borderless Space”, who talked about her experience and career working at NASA, as well as all the obstacles she overcame in becoming the first Mexican woman to travel to space. Her powerful message addressed topics such as women’s empowerment, resilience, self-improvement, motivation, teamwork and technology.

Donovan Carrillo talked about commitment and personal demands in his presentation on the field of sports “Commitment Behind a Dream”When talking about his time at the Olympic Games and international championships, he inspired youth and adults to fight every day to achieve their goals.

It is well known that music can bring many health benefits, this is why Ceci Juno addressed her conference “Music, the Brain and Emotions: Music as a Tool for Well-Being”A brief tour of the bases of music therapy, or the clinical use of musical elements for well-being.

Rosalinda Ballesteros led the conference, highlighting the topic of well-being “Life Purpose and Intuition”, whose purpose was personal reflection to change the perspective on daily tasks and direct them correctly towards life purpose. Rosalinda commented, “It is essential to increase greater awareness and enjoy all the activities we do every day, especially those related to life’s purpose.”

Finally, Alma Lozano spoke to the attendees during her presentation “For My Love: Choose Yourself Every Day and Improve Your Mental Health”, the name of his most recent book. In it he explains how to get the tools to break accepted misconceptions about affection, and how to set boundaries that improve the mind and relationships with other people.

You can re-enjoy the “Wellbeing 360: Living with Purpose” event on the platform.


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