officials Ecuadorians found at least ten tons of hidden drugs in an operation against organized crime in Vincennes, Los Rios state.

This Sunday, January 21, 2024, the armed forces and police carried out an extensive operation on the outer perimeter of Estero Lagarto de Vincennes.

After a detailed military investigation process, the armed forces. They found a plantation where they were also storing arms and ammunition.

People associated with criminal groups reportedly used the banana plantations to store heavy weapons and drugs which were sold on the local market.

The action is ongoing and the amount may increase.

Earlier, the armed forces had reported a stockpile of medicines and weapons in a junk shop located in the Estero Lagarto sector.

In his X account, Armed Forces. They explain: “An arsenal of long-range weapons, ammunition and approximately three tons of substances under control were hidden.”

The operation continued after that first report and hours later, they reported that more packages of drugs were found.

have a weight 10 tonsIt was told that this is yet to be confirmed.

This is one of the biggest seizures in recent years.