Tenacious D covers “…Baby One More Time” by Britney Spears

Tenacious D recorded the track for ” kung fu panda 4 » And enlisted Awkwafina, Bryan Cranston and even Dustin Hoffman for the video.

Jack Black and Kyle Gass enjoy the premiere kung fu panda 4 To shoot an improvised music video of Tenacious D’s cover of the Britney Spears classic, “ …baby One More Time ,

In the clip, Black and Gas strut their stuff on the red carpet, busting out dance moves while singing Tenacious D’s hard rock cover of the 1998 pop hit. Black also includes his allies kung fu panda 4Dancing with Awkwafina, trying karate against Bryan Cranston, and getting a punch from Ke Hui Quan.

Dustin Hoffman also attends, though Black respectfully hugs the actor and leaves. Still, if 95-year-old James Hong could pretend to stab Black in the head, Hoffman could have put in a little more effort, which is probably his only credit for the Tenacious D music video (a highlight of anyone’s career). will be. ,

...Baby One More Time (from Kung Fu Panda 4) by Tenacious D (Official Video)

While the clip features a shorter version of the cover of “ …baby One More Time »By Tenacious D, a full version appears on the soundtrack kung fu panda 4Which was released on 8 March.

Tenacious D has not released an album since Post-Apocalypto in 2018, but they have been busy in recent years with a steady stream of singles. He started again” time warp » From Rocky Horror, « you never give me your money ” And ” End » A medley of songs by The Beatles, The Who and, most recently, « wicked Game »By Chris Isaak. He also shared some original tracks, such as ” Video game » last year and « 5 needs »In 2020.

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