Terrible anger towards Barcelona and Rafa Marquez, for which he gets a warning

nOr the calm waters go down in Barcelona. Despite Xavi’s announcement of leaving the Barca bench at the end of the season, DT’s transition seems like it wouldn’t happen normally. The rumors that have started emerging about the names to occupy this post have also added to the bad image of the game, which is creating more tension than it should be and even more so when The Spanish team still has options in the two most important competitions of the season: La Liga and the Champions League. League. Although it is true that due to the direction the season is going it does not seem that they will be able to reach them, it is true that for the good of the game, the change of coach must be seamless.

This is one of the names that Barcelona’s sports management is currently considering. Thiago Motta And that of the Barcelona B coach himself, rafa marquez, After Xavi’s recent announcement, the media asked both of them two completely different answers. The Italian-Brazilian did not want to reference his possible arrival on the bench, but he emphasized the great work done by the Spaniard on the Barcelona bench: “I’m very sorry, he was doing a very good job. I even looked at Klopp, Who announced his departure. I don’t know the reason and I wish him all the best,” he said.

but instead rafa marquez Yes, he loved himself so much that he applied as a substitute to play this role, which did not go well in the great field of Barcelona. According to the newspaper Sport His words, which quickly reached the sports and institutional leadership, were not at all well received and caused deep discomfort and anger. They don’t understand how Mexicans with their experience will get into this business Moments after Xavi announced his departure to Barcelona. They see this as an inappropriate and clumsy move that does not benefit the rarefied atmosphere present in the unit.

“I’ll keep preparing, obviously, I’m very happy with the work I’m doing with the boys. It’s part of the process and if it’s going to happen for me it will come at the right time.” “And if it comes, will you be happy?” The journalist asked: “Who wouldn’t be, right? But the most important thing is to keep preparing because this is my second season as a coach here. If that moment comes, prepare.” End by saying “You can’t say no to an opportunity like this., And if that happens, I will try to be available and try to do my best.”

Rafa Marquez is a great connoisseur of the Blaugrana house and has a very good relationship with president Joan Laporta and several members of the board, which has caused even more discomfort. Marquez himself knows that his statements are not right at all And if he is questioned again about the possibility of replacing Xavi at the helm of FC Barcelona, ​​it should not happen again.

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