That funny story when it took Steve Jobs a week to take a photo

40 years after the launch of the Mac, there is a funny incident about the time when Steve Jobs did not want to take a single photo in a castle in Sweden.

That funny story when it took Steve Jobs a week to take a photo
40 years of Mac, a historic Apple launch

Today is a very special day for Apple, it has completed 40 years of the launch of Mac. Steve Jobs launched a product that was a significant counterpoint to the PC era, There are many stories regarding this incident, one of them is this An anecdote related to jobs in photo session, The story is shared by Macworld.

Steve Jobs’ lack of patience was very typical, can you imagine this in a photo session?

The people of Cupertino made it happen Hiring a photographer for a period of one week, had to do Travel to Sweden on a plane paid for by Apple And even rented a helicopter but the session did not happen,

The photo of Steve Jobs with the original Macintosh that was for the cover of Macworld magazine had a strange origin. It took 15 to 20 minutes to become a part of the story. Photographer Will Mosgrove says he took some Polaroids Quick (snapshot) making sure the lighting was right.

Macworld cover photo for the launch of the Mac

Macworld cover photo for the launch of the Mac

He fired more shots within 5 minutes and Jobs asked: Are we done? Maybe so, but the photographer wanted to try something else. Jobs also said that he wanted to do some testing. Apple genius was making some symbols with his handsThe people at Macworld were surprised but refused to take that action. “Don’t worry, we’re not going to use them to do that” while they laughed.

A photo that will surely go down in history was not achieved

If the Macworld cover photo is already epic, The photographer had another idea but it would take place in Sweden, specifically Lund., Steve Jobs will go from Stockholm and They needed to photograph it in a castle with a beautiful landscape, He is looking towards the palace which makes him feel like a world leader.

Everything was perfectly synchronized, nothing failed, the idea was clear. Will Mosgrove prepared his camera and realized that Jobs would not want to take any photos, Although it was a difficult trip from California, she felt she was prepared. In the helicopter, Steve Jobs suddenly made a gesture as if he was growling.

Hackeberga Castle in Lund, Sweden

Hackeberga Castle in Lund, Sweden

Will asked, “How about we take some pictures and look at them? If you don’t want to use them, that’s okay. The last words he said were Orders received from Artistic Director, Tom HughesThat he can take the shot and he has to return with that picture. Jobs said in a serious tone that he did not want pictures, There was an awkward silence and he thought she was playing. Will resumes the conversation and Jobs says: “No nonsense pictures.” Then, Will put his camera away and Jobs’ assistant simply said, “You know, no, that’s it.”,

Despite making this complicated journey around the world, Tom Hughes took it as a funny anecdote and laughed when he found out, Perhaps it wasn’t necessary to travel to Sweden to take a simple photo. It was more logical to find a nearby location and move on. But this is Apple and its ideas from those years were so extraordinary.

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