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nutritional density refers to the amount of food Micronutrients in proportion to their calorie content, A healthy and balanced diet does not depend only on calories, but also on selected foods with high nutritional density They provide the highest possible ratio of vitamins, minerals and substances With antioxidant action.

You may feel like if you eat more “dense” foods it will make you gain more weight, but nothing could be further from the truth. A diet that guarantees Essential contribution of micro and phytonutrientsactivates the satiety system, regardless of calories. Besides, arousal decreases, the body gets rest and biological functions improve. Too mood improves And you will have to eat less often during the day.

What are the most nutrient dense foods? What happens when we choose nutritionally poor foods instead of choosing them?

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What happens when you eat non-nutritious food?

According to a study published in American Journal of Clinical Nutritionoutcome of current majority diet is that a large percentage of the population overweight or obese And, at the same time, serious nutritional deficiencies,

between Most common shortcomings Nutrients like iron, zinc, calcium, folic acid (vitamin B9), vitamin A and vitamin B12 are found in it. For this reason, researchers Ty Beal and Flaminia Ortenzi conducted a study to determine whether What are the foods with the highest nutritional density? For these essential micronutrients.

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