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12 March 2024

He is finally back!

sure, year 2024 This is the year of all comebacks. After Ariana Grande who is returning with a new album, Rihanna who is preparing her comeback or Dua Lipa who is looking for a title for her next album, now it is the turn shawn mendes to make an announcement Good News For your fans 😊

It took him a long time to reveal all this to us, but 4 years after his last album “Wonder”, the singer has revealed that he will be back in great form this year with new concerts and of course new music. Have been.

on him Social Networks, He says : ” It’s been a long time since I last performed on stage and I’m very excited to announce that I will be headlining Rock in Rio on September 22nd. I missed being on stage and seeing you all in person! 😮‍💨♥️ I’m also working on a new album and I can’t wait to play these new songs for you. We will meet each other there. I love you !!!! ,

To someone who wasn’t on it anymore Front of Scene For several months now, he has been making a strong comeback! shawn mendes Rock in Rio will feature Travis Scott, Ne-Yo, Imagine Dragons, Ed Sheeran and Katy Perry and Zara Larsson. September next.

So, who is happy with this comeback?

Image Source: Instagram Screenshot @shawnmendes

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