The 19th edition of ReminiWellness will focus on the future of wellness

ReminiWellness will celebrate its arrival in May. At the Rimini Expo Center, from May 30 to June 2, the event organized by IEG – Italian Exhibition Group, has, in fact, reached its 18th edition and will, once again, be the scene of the latest trends in the sector. A unique experience for your visitors. The entire ecosystem of wellness, fitness, sports and nutrition will be on display at the event and the IEG organizational machinery is already gearing up for a new “episode” full of innovations and surprises that will attract a large audience in the city. Italy and the world.

A global program for a growing industry

ReminiWellness thus confirms its leading role in organizing events aimed at wellness, by bringing together sports equipment manufacturers, gyms, training centers, category associations, medicinal spas, health centers and much more under one roof. This year, the event will focus even more on the B2B sector, meeting the needs of the ever-evolving market.

Sports and Wellness: A Comprehensive Approach from the Real Estate Sector to the Hospitality Industry

As an example: ReminiWellness 2024 will explore new dimensions of well-being, including integrated wellness solutions in outdoor spaces and urban fabric and accommodation facilities, offering innovative ideas for both real estate and tourism and hospitality.

An international platform for integrated well-being

Thanks to its ability to bring together the main companies of the sector, from sports equipment manufacturers to gyms, through advanced training centers and category associations, ReminiWellness, where networking and business opportunities will be expanded, is a Confirms its status as an inevitable event. Work in the world of wellness.

Grow with longevity and innovation

The core objective of this edition will be longevity, which will be explored in all its aspects with a unique proposal, ranging from training programs for body care and prevention to the latest research in the field of nutrition and psycho-physical well-being. This program will highlight how important an active lifestyle is to maintain a high quality of life.

Active Beauty and Nutrition: New Horizons

The introduction of Active Beauty, an emerging new range of solutions and products in the beauty sector, specifically designed to meet the exact needs of athletes, along with the latest innovations in the world of healthy food and dietary supplements , reaffirms Reminiscence’s commitment to anticipating trends. Which links physical well-being with aesthetics and nutrition, thus meeting the needs of an increasingly informed and aware public.

Constant focus on training.

For another year, this event will serve as the main reference in terms of training. The 4-day event will offer an intensive program of courses and refresher sessions for all professionals in the wellness industry: from personal trainers to social and health care workers, medical professionals or people involved in holistic disciplines.

ReminiscenceWellness Off: Between the field and the fair, all about well-being

Confirming the success of previous editions, RiminiWellness Off, the “off-show” wellness and lifestyle event organized with the Rimini City Council, will expand throughout the region with a series of initiatives involving citizens and visitors in a collective experience. Will go. , of well-being and healthy life, merging into one great beating heart, strengthening the inseparable connection between the event and the area, the fair, the center and the beach. ReminiWellness is not just a trade fair. It is an event that enhances the economy and historical, cultural and tourist heritage of Rimini, known as one of the reference points for sports and wellness.


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