The Baltic countries will create a “defensive line” on the borders with Russia and Belarus

A military exercise near Tapa, Estonia in May 2023.  (AP/Sergey Grits, File)

A military exercise near Tapa, Estonia in May 2023. (AP/Sergey Grits, File) – Credit: @Sergey Grits

Riga.- Baltic countries agreed to build Common “defensive line” on the border with Russia and Belarus to avoid “military conflict” in a region like UkraineWithin the framework of the invasion of Kremlin troops on that country.

Defense Minister of Latvia, Lithuania and EstoniaThis Friday the Latvians met in the capital Riga to ratify an agreement, which begins to take shape at the NATO summit to be held in Madrid in 2022.

three Kingdoms, which were republics of the Soviet Union until its dissolution in 1991 Having been captured following the Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact between the Soviets and Nazis in 1940, he is among the most convinced supporters of the idea that if not defeated in Ukraine, President Vladimir Putin would attack NATO countries as well. Starting with small states near the borders of Russia and Belarus.

Defense Ministers of the Baltic countries at their meeting in RigaDefense Ministers of the Baltic countries at their meeting in Riga

Defense Ministers of the Baltic countries at their meeting in Riga

“Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania will build anti-mobility defensive facilities to prevent and, if necessary, defend against military threats in future years”said a statement from the Estonian Defense Ministry.

The text specifies that these are defensive installations deployed “on the borders with Russia and Belarus”, which combine prevention and security measures, as well as other elements on the ground that support the defense to deter offensive troops if necessary. We do.

“In times of peace they do not give place Explosives, sharp wires or other obstacles On the Estonian border. Instead, it establishes A network of bunkers, support points and distribution linesThe statement makes it clear.

On similar lines, Latvian Defense Minister Andris Spruds indicated on social networks “The Baltic Defense Line will protect NATO’s eastern flank and deprive our adversaries of their freedom of movement”,

According to his Estonian counterpart Hanno Pevkur, the need to pursue this common project “arises from the current security situation.”

“Russia’s war in Ukraine has shown that, in addition to equipment, ammunition and manpower, or physical security, Facilities on the border are also needed to protect Estonia from the first meter.Pevkur was quoted as saying in the statement.

“We are making efforts so that Estonians feel safe, but if even the slightest threat arises, we will be immediately prepared for various incidents,” he assured.

Meanwhile, Ukraine this Friday urged Western powers Russia cuts supply of key parts for weapons production, “The West must get serious about stifling Russia’s weapons production capability. According to some data, 95% of critical foreign-made components found in Russian weapons destroyed in Ukraine come from Western countries,” Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba said on the social network X in connection with financial sanctions imposed by the great wrote. powers against Moscow following an invasion of the former Soviet republic in February 2022.

The minister called for a “large-scale effort” by Russian President Vladimir Putin in this regard to “save the lives of many civilians in Ukraine and disrupt the war machine.”

Agencies AFP and DPA

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