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Miami is one of those exotic destinations that many people like to spend their holidays, In recent years it has also stood out for its many offers and discounts on technology, clothing, among others.

According to many records, there are many places in South Florida where you can find products at discounts of up to 70 percent, with some items even being available for as little as two dollars.

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Due to the above, ‘search.theworld’, a content creator specializing in travel and tourism, decided to travel and investigate which were the most famous stores in Miami and what products they offered.

Initially, he visited ‘Hotbins’, a place specialized in offering technology, clothes and shoes. This place offers great promotions as it specializes in products that have been Returned from stores like Amazon.

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“We start our week on Friday with a new shipment of products, priced at only $12 each. The goal is to sell that shipment in a week so prices remain low throughout the week: Saturday $10, Sunday $8, Monday $6, Tuesday $4, ending Wednesday only $2 per item” says the official site.

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In this store, content creators were able to purchase cell phones, laptops, headphones, and other technology products starting at two dollars. Other than this, He noted that the best products are found between Thursday and Friday as people stock up on stores.

On the other hand, ‘Goodwill’ is a company that gives great offers on second-hand or new items, this store is also recognized for managing a noble cause by employing disabled people and donating to charity.

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