The United States assured that the possibility of a new ceasefire in Gaza before Ramadan “depends on Hamas”

Blinken assured that the possibility of a new ceasefire in Gaza before Ramadan “depends on Hamas” (EFE)

US Secretary of State, anthony blinkenassured this Tuesday that the ongoing talks are bearing fruit and, now, New one Truce about gaza depends on hamas,

“It is up to Hamas whether it is willing to participate in this ceasefire or not.”While receiving the Prime Minister of Qatar the official remarked, Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al Thaniin Washington, emphasizing that “We have a chance for an immediate ceasefire as may be bring the hostages homewhich can dramatically increase the amount of humanitarian aid It reaches the Palestinians who desperately need it and can set the terms for it permanent solution.”

For several weeks now, Egypt, Qatar and the United States have been leading rounds of meetings and negotiations with Israel and Palestinian militant militias, with the aim of reaching a ceasefire before the start of the war. Ramadan, In recent times, major advances have been made that made us think this would be possible; However, negotiations are still ongoing in Cairo with some difficulties.

Although the “fundamental points” of the agreement have already been agreed, “wide” differences and new demands still emerge in other aspects, in addition to requiring the participation of other terrorist groups such as Islamic Jihad, Since they are also held hostage. However, it has not reached the Egyptian capital.

In addition to Hamas, Islamic Jihad’s participation in the talks is essential because they have a group of hostages in their custody (Reuters)

“There are difficulties in negotiations but they still continue. A person involved in the negotiations indicated that it is necessary to negotiate and negotiate with other factions.

However, broadly speaking, Palestinian and Egyptian sources confirmed that a 40 day ceasefire in which 40 Israeli hostages -Women, children and men above 60 years of age – in exchange for release 404 Palestinian prisoners In Israeli prisons. The list of names of those involved in these exchanges has not yet been prepared and remains one of the most debated points. It was also not confirmed whether the prisoners to be released included those who lost their lives.

chairman Joe Biden He also mentioned talks and urged all parties to work towards an early solution. “If we continue in these conditions until Ramadan, Israel and Jerusalem could become very dangerous. “The Israelis are cooperating.” And He made a “fair offer” to HamasSo he hopes to know “something in the next couple of days,” he said.

Biden assured that Israel is cooperating and has made a “reasonable offer” to Hamas, so he expects to know something in the next two days (EFE)

Apart from the release of hostages, another key point of the agreement is the entry of humanitarian aid to civilians. Horoscopewhich Blinken believes “Most important” To be one at this time “Unacceptable and unsustainable” situation.

“Regardless of the ceasefire, immediate massive increase Humanitarian aid was delivered to the population of Gaza. Israel must make maximum use of every possible means, every possible method, to deliver aid to those in need. The United States will continue to strongly support these efforts, along with many other countries around the world, Blinken said.

For his part, Biden said there is “no excuse” for Israel not to authorize the entry of more aid into the enclave, despite the fact that the international community has already confirmed that more air deliveries of products. Will happen.

While waiting for a ceasefire to bring more aid to the enclave, air drops of aid continue

For his part, the Prime Minister of Doha declared that “We will insist on ensuring that there is an agreement despite the fact that there are people who are trying to undermine efforts to achieve peace”, while ” The need to eliminate “humanitarian” was highlighted. The suffering of the Gazans.”

Finally, he highlighted the “strategic dialogue” and “the development of this relationship” which has led to “Qatar considering the United States as its partner and ally.” He concluded, “Our relationship covers many fronts, be it regional security, defense and economic relations.”

(With information from AFP, EFE and Europa Press)

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