The confrontation in Hermosillo, Sonora was to capture the son of Los Chapitos operative ‘El Chubato’

The Prosecutor’s Office seized a significant arsenal after the confrontation in Hermosillo. (Sonora Prosecutor’s Office)

Through a statement, the Sonora Attorney General’s Office confirmed that the shooting occurred on Highway 100 Hermosillo-Kino Bay was to capture an alleged criminal associated with Hunter, Cell that previously worked with Los Chapitos.

is about Carlos Humberto “N”He has been identified by authorities as the son of Jesus Humberto Limón López, alias ‘chubetto‘ one of two ‘Hunter‘, the former leader of this group who was arrested in June 2021.

According to the official narrative, Carlos Humberto “N” was arrested on the street Seri Road in the Las Minitas neighborhood by the municipal police. At the time of his capture, he identified himself as Isaias Valentin “N”, alias ‘Cardenal’ or ‘Comanche’, but uniformed officers confirmed his true identity after initial inspection.

Upon learning that this person has been arrested, A hitman commando tried to rescue him And the minister opened fire on the agents.

‘El Chubato’ was one of the main operators of Los Chapitos in Sonora. (Specific)

“At the moment the attack occurred, Code Red was activated, prompting the intervention of public order forces from three levels of government, and further escalation. oppression of the said group The number of vehicles,” the prosecutor’s office detailed.

This was the moment when gunfire began to be exchanged between the gunmen—possibly members of Hunter– And law enforcement.

As a result of the confrontation, the Prosecutor’s Office confirmed that 12 attackers were killedWhile seven managed to escape, some suffered injuries due to the collision.

On the other hand, it was announced that two members of the Ministerial Criminal Investigation Agency were injured, for which they were taken to hospital. The latest updates indicate that they are out of danger.

In this sense, an important arsenal was secured which included 21 assault rifles Of various calibers, including Barrett, Scar, AR-15 and AK-47 models. Similarly, they found a small weapon, rifle magazine, box magazine, tactical vest, helmet and camouflage clothing.

Photos of weapons and equipment seized from the alleged hitmen of Los Cazadores. (Sonora Prosecutor’s Office)

like that, Six high-end and recent model trucks The equipment used during the war was at the disposal of the relevant authorities.

At the time of this publication, the Prosecutor’s Office and security personnel from three levels of government are continuing an intensive operation in the Poniente rural area of ​​Hermosillo to locate the accused. catch seven attackers Who managed to escape.

Los Cazadores is a criminal cell that operates as a branch of Los Chapitos in Sonora, but in November 2023 it was announced that they had begun doing so. work independently,

The attack seeking to free the son of ‘El Chubato’ may be indicative of the degree of relevance of Carlos Humberto “N” within the criminal structure.

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