The country needs honest politics


Opposition presidential candidate María Corina Machado participated this Saturday in the event of the 78th anniversary of the Copei Party and assured that at this time the country needs to pursue politics in an honest way with “the truth.”

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During his speech, after congratulating the leaders of the Green Awning, Machado highlighted that “Today more than ever is the time to demonstrate what are the values ​​that define us.”

He also highlighted that now is the time for everyone to work together for the same objective, which is the “transformation” of Venezuela.

In response to what the Vente Venezuelan leader said, COPE’s President, Roberto Enríquez, affirmed that his political party will be a pillar “for change for the challenges to come”, and stressed that they will fight against their terrorists. can trust. “The backbone of achieving that transformation in 2024.”

For his part, the party’s secretary general, Robert Garcia, stressed that the Green Marquee is ready to work hand in hand with Machado to achieve victory in this year’s presidential elections.

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