Jeff Bezos is 60 years old and is the third richest person in the world

fate of jeff bezos It amounts to approximately $170,000 million. His future wife, presenter Lauren SanchezExtinguished the candles exactly a month before that.

Bezos recently said, “I’d like to see a billion humans living in space colonies, so we’d have 1,000 Mozarts and 1,000 Einsteins.”

169.7 billion dollars. That is, according to Forbes, the fate of Jeff Bezos. Amazon founder is the third richest person in the world, behind only Elon Musk and Bernard ArnaultAnd now he is 60 years old.

amazon seeds

Although he grew up in Houston (Texas), Jeffrey Preston Jorgensen, was born on January 12, 1964 in Albuquerque (New Mexico). His mother, Jacqueline GiesShe was 17 when she gave birth to Bezos, whose last name comes from her stepfather, miguel bezosWell, from my biological father, Theodore JorgensenHe never knew anything.

From an early age, he showed his inclination towards technology, such as when he installed an electric alarm to prevent his younger brothers from entering his room. Thus, it is not surprising that in 1986, Bezos graduated with honors in computer science and electrical engineering. Princeton University,

After working at a fiber optic company, he became the youngest vice president of an investment company. “DE Shaw & Company”, where he also met his future wife, the novelist mackenzie scott,

He called himself “yes i want” In 1993, when Amazon did not exist. But their marriage with 4 children ended in 2019. The deal they reached, through which McKenzie acquired some shares of Amazon, moved him to 31st place in the ranking of the richest people.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos speaks at an Amazon event in New Delhi, India on January 15, 2020. EFE/EPA/STRefe

And, although Bezos had until then kept a low profile in his personal life, he began to be seen with presenter Lauren Sanchez, to whom he became engaged. However, it is too early to know whether he will be as committed to his main passions: business and technology as Unite is.

Beyond Kindle.

The seed for Amazon was sown in Bezos’ garage in Seattle. In 1994, at age 30, he quit his job on Wall Street with his savings and the help of his parents, ““, an online bookstore

The success was immediate: in just two months, income was already $20,000 per week.

Just then, to improve search engine results, the website changed its name to “Amazon, the rest is history.

Bezos’ vision went further, as he wanted Amazon to be a place where consumers could buy anything. beyond revolutionaryTo light up“, the pioneer of tablets and the pioneer in electronic books, “market” was expanding its product offering: from music to all types of equipment.

Jeff Bezos, founder and executive chairman of Amazon, during his speech EFE/EPA/Robert Perryefe

Today, you can find everything: decorations, clothes, cosmetics, food, appliances… It is a giant of online commerce. And, beyond the sale of products, it offers services in music, a music streaming platform (Amazon Music), one of movies and series (Prime Video), marriage with Twitch or its audiobook platform (Audible).

In 2021, Jeff Bezos announced that he would step down as CEO of Amazon. But beyond the online store, Bezos has Washington Post and just became an investor distress The AI ​​is a hybrid tool between ChatGPT and a Google-type search engine. Furthermore, he is the founder of the aerospace company blue origin,

colonize space

In fact, Jeff is not only part of the ranking of the richest persons along with Elon Musk, but also has a passion for a future in which humanity can live outside planet Earth.

In an interview with Lex Friedman, Bezos said that he would like to see “a billion humans living in the solar system”, and that the system would be “rich with life, intelligence and energy”. According to him, this figure would lead to there being “1,000 Mozarts and 1,000 Einsteins” in this space civilization.

However, according to Magnet, “planetary surfaces are too small” so humanity will have to live in “giant space stations”, O’Neill cylinders or in the style of colonies, as can be seen in films like “Interstellar”.

Of course, in Jeff Bezos’s plan we won’t leave Earth forever: since Bezos speculated about the possibility that humans might come on vacation from time to time.

But, for now, humanity, including Bezos, will continue to live on our common planet. And, in the meantime, he’s celebrating: This summer he celebrated his engagement to Lauren, who wore a nearly $3 million ring, and this Christmas he frolicked aboard a cruise ship with his friends, 54. Turned one year old.

Jeff Bezos and his girlfriend Lauren Sanchez pose at the Los Angeles premiere of Amazon Prime’s ‘The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power’ video at Culver Studios in Culver City, Los Angeles, California.efe

Now, it will be Bezos who blows out the candles, neither more nor less than 60 candles. But, far from retirement, surely the best anniversary gift is to continue expanding your business and moving forward in the conquest of space and technology.

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