“The family doctor has historically felt undervalued.”

Health professionals in primary care centers in Catalonia They are stepping onto the small screen, Doctors, nurses, social workers, midwives and pediatricians, among other professional groups, They bring their daily lives and advice to the documentary series ‘Histories de la Primaria’.An audiovisual content from 3Cat that premiered this Thursday.

Over the course of six chapters, cameras enter primary care centers This reflects the support of this network and the connection between health professionals and patients., ‘Histories de la Primaria’ is the culmination of a proposal made by the Catalan Society of Family and Community Medicine (CAMFIC) at the Forum de Dialog Profesional. Improve image of specialty In institutional and social areas.

,Hopefully the documentary series will stimulate the curiosity of medical students To choose family and community therapy,” reflected its director, Pol Izquierdo. medical writing, “This will be the best gift we can get.” As stated in the original proposal and explained by Izquierdo, the main objective of ‘Histories de la Primaria’ is Highlight and make visible the work professionals do of primary care, which “historically felt humiliated or forgotten,

pride of belonging to primary

The objectives of this initiative are also Enhance the prestige of family and community medicine between society and improve sense of pride Belonging to primary care group. “Medical students do not acquire expertise and, although many efforts are being made, in the medical field and public administration, It has been believed that primary doctors are lesser doctors. Compared to other specialties,” Izquierdo explained.

The director of the documentary series emphasizes that “it is not an easy specialty, it is not the best paid nor does it have the prestige of a cardiologist”, but he highlights that he hopes primary care professionals are able to see He is “doctor of life, not merely of physical symptoms”., Viewers will be able to discover in ‘Histories de la Primaria’ patients who are very dependent on their doctors and nurses, a A bond “of great trust and also of emotional pain”,

In this sense, in this content you will be able to see the interaction between the health care provider and the patient, in which many people can feel identified as they visit their primary care center with more or less frequency, and with the “desire to Have gone in. Serves so that the society gives more importance to their work” Izquierdo added.

For the director, “the main value of the series is Has access to this special relationship It is established between primary professionals and their users.” The documentary series includes Six chapters between 40 and 45 minutes longIn which about fifty primary professionals will be involved. It was filmed in fifteen primary care centers in Catalonia and some houses in Barcelona, ​​Bages and Pallars Sobira. It is a 3Cat production in association with Inkis Films and in collaboration with the Health Department.

Although it may include statements, data, or notes from health institutions or professionals, the information contained in medical writing is edited and prepared by journalists. We advise the reader to consult a health care professional with any health related questions.

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