The fight against the fire on the Agua volcano continues for the fifth day

By fifth consecutive dayOfficials and volunteers continue their efforts Fight the wildfire that has devastated the slopes of Agua VolcanoLocated between the Sacatepéquez and Escuintla departments in Guatemala.

The National Coordinator for Disaster Reduction (CONRED) reported this Sunday morning, February 25, that operations are still ongoing within the framework of Task 17 of the National Response Plan against wildfires.

The various organizations that make up the Conrad System are leading the way in the control and eradication of the fires that threaten biodiversity and communities near the volcano.

Hundreds of volunteers remain active and carrying out vital work to fight the active outbreak in fire-affected areas.

Additionally, the Guatemalan Army has confirmed that its members attached to the Humanitarian Rescue Brigade are also deployed to the area, contributing to response efforts.

Army spokesman Ruben Tellez said 571 soldiers from various units were deployed to eight fires in different parts of the country, including Volcano.

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Images obtained through aerial flights over the area and other areas affected by active fires have been shared, testifying to the extent of the work done.

The government set up a soup kitchen at the Santa María de Jesús Operations Center in Sacatepéquez to provide adequate food to the brigades.

Since the beginning of the incident last Wednesday, February 21, the fire has represented a significant challenge for authorities and response teams.

However, by Saturday, February 24, the fire was 60 percent contained, indicating progress made through coordinated efforts.

Fire turns water 25 February 2024
Fifth day of fighting the fire at Agua Volcano. (Free Press Photo: Red Cross)

Guatemala requested international help after two days of intensive efforts with 600 brigade members and air operations using helicopters to spray water laced with retardant in the volcano’s affected area.

The dormant and majestic Agua Volcano, 3,760 meters above sea level, is home to a rich diversity of flora and fauna, including emblematic species such as pumas, deer and anteaters.

In addition, communities of the Kaqchikel Maya people live in its vicinity, whose traditional lifestyle is closely linked to these lands.

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The fire at Agua Volcano remains a challenge for the teams working in the area. (Free Press Photo: Conrad)
Aircraft continue to participate in firefighting efforts. This Sunday, February 25, at 6 am, they resumed flights from La Aurora. (Free Press Photo: Conrad-Aeroclub de Guatemala)
The Army’s humanitarian brigade is also working tirelessly to control the forest fire. (Free Press Photo: Guatemala Army)
The army receives food supplies and equipment for its deployment to Agua Volcano. (Free Press Photo: Guatemala Army)
Despite the efforts, the fire at Agua Volcano continues to maintain its intensity into the fifth day of the war. (Free Press Photo: Conrad)
Rescue teams are hard at work trying to build trenches to stop the fire from spreading at Agua Volcano. Free Press Photo: Conrad)
Local communities also came out in solidarity as the fire at Volcán de Agua continued for the fifth day. Free Press Photo: Conrad)

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