The future of data storage has arrived!: Save a million movies on a single disc with 3D Lite technology news from mexico

China.- Led by a team of researchers Miao Zhaoof Shanghai Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanicshas made an important technological breakthrough in the field of data storage. This new method is based on the use of Optical Data Storage (ODS) light in three dimensionspromises to change the landscape of computing With its ability to store huge amounts of information on a single disk.

its development technology Opens the door to a new era in data storage, so you can stay secure petabyte of information on a single optical disc. For reference, one petabyte is equal to approximately one thousand billion bytes, As Science Alert reports, this translates to the ability to store one million average quality movies on a single drive.

This advancement is particularly relevant at a time when the demand for data storage is constantly increasing due to the emergence of technologies Artificial Intelligence (AI) And this Internet of Things (IoT), The need to find efficient and sustainable solutions to store large amounts of information has become important, and it is also new 3d focus Optical data storage offers solid hope in that regard.

The method developed by Zhao and his team is based on the creation of an optical recording medium using a photoresist film with a stimulated emission dye that can be excited by a femtosecond laser beam. This transparent and uniform film, along with induced emission phenomena, provides the storage mechanism needed to achieve storage capacities up to petabytes.

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Optical data storage has been presented as a promising alternative traditional technologieslike semiconductor flash device and hard disk drives, which have limitations in terms of power load, operating costs, and lifespan.

This advancement not only provides a cost-effective solution for long-term storage, but also enables significant increases in storage capacity and areal density, opening up new possibilities for efficient management of large amounts of data in future data centers.

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