The Institute of Legal Medicine is now analyzing 10 bodies for identification and autopsies

Valencia.(EFE) Forensic experts from the Institute of Legal Medicine (IML) of Valencia, in collaboration with the National Police, will continue the analysis of the ten bodies found in the fire of a 14-storey building in the Campanar neighborhood this Saturday. Identification of all the dead and their autopsies.

The Superior Court of Justice of the Valencian Community has informed EFE that once the forensic reports are completed, they will be sent to the Investigative Court No. 10 of Valencia, which ordered an autopsy on Friday afternoon. Then, proceed to eliminate the nine corpses.

TSJCV sources remind that the above court has an open case for these events, subject to the confidentiality of the proceedings.

According to what TVE and A Punt reported this afternoon, forensic experts have already identified three of the ten bodies found, once this Saturday the Scientific and Judicial Police found a new body in the burnt building , bringing the death toll to ten. ,

Following the location of the tenth victim, the Court of Instruction No. 11 of Valencia, the court acting as incident protector, has exhumed the body and agreed to carry out the necessary autopsy and forensic procedures for its identification. According to the Superior Court of Justice.

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