The gang member captured in Opiko had fled from the PNC in 2019

He was captured in August 2019 within the framework of an already anticipated regional control plan. The police accused him of serious crimes. However, he escaped with the handcuffs.

A gang member arrested last Friday in the Marcela residential area in San Juan Opico was already captured within the framework of the Territorial Control Plan. On that occasion the National Civil Police (PNC) accused him of having arrest warrants for serious crimes.

This is Francisco Andrés Villavicencio Mancia, member of the terrorist group 18 Revolucionaria, whose arrest was reported yesterday on the social networks of the Police Corporation.

On August 9, 2019, it became public that gang member Villavicencio Manchia had fled. After the escape, police sources unofficially released the file of the gang member. Photo EDH

“The operation conducted by our special forces helped us capture the 18R terrorist, Francisco Andres Villavicencio alias El Tito Street, one of the most dangerous criminals in Apopa. He was hiding in a house in a private residential area in San Juan Opico. “We seized 2 firearms,” the PNC wrote in X.

However, he failed to mention that the same gang member had fled with handcuffs, hours after he was caught on October 8, 2019.

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Villavicencio Mancia fled from the Apopka 911 emergency system to the police barracks, where he was transferred after being detained.

The tweet through which the PNC reported Villavicencio’s capture was as follows: “#APOPA | #STO arrests Francisco Andres Villavicencio Manercia (22) aka Street Boy or Chico on current warrants for terroristic organizations, aggravated murder and Detained with deprivation of liberty, it is believed that he participated in the illegitimate aggression in Tikal Sur #PlanControlTerritorial.

However, despite the fact that, according to the police, he was one of the 100 most wanted on that date, and had an arrest warrant for aggravated murder, deprivation of liberty and even those in the Tikal Sur neighborhood But was also attacked with bullets. , They didn’t keep a close enough eye on him, because after a few hours he escaped.

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From the police barracks of the Apopa delegation, gang members have carried out escapes several times. This includes a case in June 2020, in which ten gang members escaped and, in the process, stole an ambulance from a relief unit they fled to.

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