The hobby that improves psychological well-being and social relationships in older people, according to experts

Knitting is a much healthier activity than we think because of its therapeutic potential.

Crocheting or knitting was a form of entertainment for our grandmothers, but we didn’t know it was so Healthier than we think Because it has a direct impact on our health.

In addition to taking us away from our minds, this activity is able to increase our concentration, stimulate our creativity and, to some extent, make us very curious. Promote social relationships. Didn’t you expect that this hobby could have this benefit? Well, according to this study from Cardiff University, knitting improves social relationships, well-being and quality of life of people who participate in workshops or activities that involve doing this type of craft with their own hands. And the activity of knitting can be a means of socializing, both virtual and real, and it carries with it Chances of making new friendsSomething very important to avoid unwanted loneliness in older people.

But knitting has many other benefits. according to experts, Improves cognitive activities and processes, contributes to psychological well-being, reduces stress levels for people and keeps the mind active. “People who do this have their own space and time dedicated to themselves in which they can experience a feeling of relaxation After a long and stressful day,” says this other study.

Something as simple as picking up two needles and a ball of wool can have a bigger impact on our health than we think. We can make parts with our own hands feeling of success Which can be a springboard to carry out other activities of the same pattern. According to the same report, there are several studies that say that the fact of creating a tangible product with one’s own hands is seen as a demonstration of the talent, effort and skill of its creator. Providing satisfaction and increasing self-esteem.

But, the best part is that the wool and the color chosen is also important. mood effect Especially in the cold season of the year or at moments when more depressive states manifest themselves.

The therapeutic potential of knitting

This study includes physical, cognitive, psychological, emotional and social skills, some authors have compiled in various articles. For example, he cites Corkhill and Dickey who stated that because it is a repetitive activity, it requires physical and cognitive skills, and weaving can enhancer and motivator of these activities,

For his part, Collier says that the point stimulates cognition and Maintains mental agility, Improves memory and concentration, organization and clarity of thought. Similarly, they also ensure that the rhythmic and sensory nature of the weaving is relaxing effect which gives it great potential meditative and therapeutic, And, as we said, knitting in a group increases social relationships and communication with others and creates a sense of belonging that contributes to the formation of identity.

photo | Rebecca Grant Phillip Estrada on Unsplash

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