The house in whose garage Amazon was born is for sale

the house where jeff bezos Established online commerce behemoth Amazon is up for sale and its buyer will get a piece of Internet history.

Bezos and his wife at the time, MacKenzie Scott, were renting that one-story, three-bedroom house near Seattle in the mid-1990s when he began selling books online from their garage.

According to company history, the garage contained only one computer, basic office supplies, and a desk.

Earlier only books were distributed. Amazon says the first was “Fluid Concepts and Constructive Analogy: Computer Models of the Fundamental Mechanisms of Thought.”

But in just a few years, Amazon became the default choice for online shoppers around the world, causing its current market capitalization to grow to a whopping figure of $1.6 trillion.

143 square meter house with sale price of Just under $2.3 million, According to the real estate agent’s listing, it was “carefully renovated” in 2001, so not much remains from the Bezos era. But, according to the photos, the garage has a re-creation of the original “” banner that Bezos previously owned.


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