According to neuroscientist Ana Ibáñez, how to transform stress into stress and thus face problems with more calmness.

Chemical engineer, neuroscientist, helicopter pilot and former professional swimmer, Ibáñez launches the section ‘Train your brain’ with his formula for coping and limiting a situation where good things can also be achieved Are.

We train the heart. The capacity of our lungs. Our biceps, triceps, glutes, abs… even our facial muscles. But, interestingly, we forget to pamper, ‘channel’ and tune up the command center from where orders are sent so that everything works correctly: our brain,

For this reason, in Zen, in addition to proposing exercises to strengthen the ‘core’ and stretch our back, we have asked Ana IbanezDirector of Centers MindStudioWhich helps to train our brain to better manage everyday situations that upset us, unbalance us or, in the worst case, make us lose control.

A chemical engineer, neuroscientist, helicopter pilot and former professional swimmer, Ibáñez begins this new segment with his A formula to cope with and limit stress,

“Stress is part of our lives. It is impossible to live life without stress., Stress is many things, but it is, basically, any event that takes us out of balanced state and makes us feel uncomfortable,” begins Ana Ibáñez.

Stress is always synonymous with discomfort. The key is how we turn it into ‘positive stress’: “At the brain level, there are two things that are fundamental. If our brain knows that that stress has a limited duration, What’s not going to activate our alert points is to be able to be in a place that gives us more perspective. Therefore, it is important to put a time limit on this stress. This means that we say to ourselves: ‘Okay, I’m going to be bad because this situation is uncomfortable, but I’m only going to be bad for now or I’ll let some time pass and then move on. come back later.’ Rethink how I deal with the situation,

This neuroscientist also points out an aspect worth taking into account and that, of course, we often overlook. “There’s a very important thing that we have to do with stress and that’s looking at what is the benefit behind it, I know it’s very complicated sometimes, but we must remember that all stress causes us stress. We grow both physically and mentally,

Because, according to Ibáñez, there can be very rich things behind this state of anxiety or mental tension, but to recognize them it is essential that “our brain is very clear about what it is receiving and, KindTransform stress into positive stress or eustress (That which motivates us to face problems)”.

Ana Ibanez She is a chemical engineer, neuroscientist, director of MindStudio centers and author of ‘Surprise Your Mind’ (Editorial Planeta).

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