The Interior Ministry canceled 16 NGOs, almost all of which were Catholic or evangelical.

The dictatorship of Daniel Ortega, through the Ministry of the Interior, revoked the legal personality of 16 non-profit organizations (NGOs/NPOs), nine for non-compliance with laws and seven for “voluntary dissolution of members”, Canceled as per ministerial agreements. Published this month. On Tuesday, January 16, in the official newspaper La Gaceta.

This new package of annulments, the second of 16 days of the year, includes Catholic and evangelical unions, part of the repression against religion that the dictatorship is deepening day by day.

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Ministerial Agreement 03-2024 establishes the annulment of nine NGOs “for non-compliance with laws” after they allegedly operated between one and 14 years, depending on the fiscal period, with detailed statements of income and expenditures. Did not report its financial statements for the period. Trial balance, donation details (origin, provenance and ultimate beneficiary) and board of directors:

1Pentecost Mission Association Jehovah will provide.

2 Estelí Country Club.

3 Holy Missionaries of the Holy Savior Foundation.

4 Evangelistic and Prophetic Apostolic Mission Association

5 Niñ@ del Fortin Association.

6 Missionaries Association of the Company of Mary.

7 New Restoration Family Church Foundation.

8 Società Dante Alighieri Foundation of Nicaragua.

9 Transworld Mission Association of Nicaragua.

seized property

As is customary, the Interior Ministry handed over the transfer of movable and immovable property to the Attorney General’s Office, which for critics means confiscation.

Whereas Ministerial Agreement 04-2024 establishes the Agreement for “Voluntary Dissolution of Members” to approve the cancellation of legal personality and registration of seven non-profit organizations:

1 Evangelical Life Fraternity Association of Missionaries of the Cross.

2 Association Group of Emotional Support Professionals.

3 Marriage Ministry Association on the Rock.

4 Foundation 21 Down Syndrome Nicaragua.

5 Tabernacle of David Church Association.

6 El Redentor Pentecostal Church Association.

7 Bracelet Project.

Analysts have said that the voluntary dissolution of NGOs means that they have been forced to “voluntarily” close down in order to prevent the Ortega dictatorship from keeping their assets, as is the case with canceled organizations.

According to a count of Nicaraguan organizations working in exile, more than 3,500 NGOs have been disestablished since 2018. The crackdown began in 2018 with nine NGOs, amid armed repression against civilian protests. These previously canceled NGOs were represented by opponents and/or critics of the Daniel Ortega regime.

So far 20 organizations have been canceled in 2024.

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