The International Court of Justice will announce this Friday whether it is able to prosecute Russia for genocide in Ukraine

The International Court of Justice will rule this Friday on its jurisdiction over Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. (Reuters/Piroska van de Wool)

supreme judicial instance of United Nations decides this Friday whether he is able to hear the case filed immediately after Russian invasion in 2022in which ukraine ask for repair moscow,

Ukraine started the process earlier International Court of Justice (CIJ), is located The HagueA few days after the attack began, 24 February 2022Accused Russia of justifying the military operation with false allegations of genocide.

Russian President, Vladimir PutinThe military operation was partially justified because of the alleged “genocide” that the Kiev government would commit in eastern Ukraine, a Russian-speaking region.

After two days, 26 FebruaryThe Kyiv government appealed to the ICJ, “categorically rejecting” that claim and arguing that using “genocide” as a pretext goes against it. united nations conference About the massacre of 1948.

In March 2022, the ICJ followed Ukraine’s arguments and ordered Russia to “immediately suspend” its activities. military operationsWhich still continues.

Moscow protested that decision and said the ICJ, which adjudicates disputes between countries, had no jurisdiction to hear the case.

Russian President Vladimir Putin justified the military operation in part because of alleged “genocide” being carried out in eastern Ukraine by the Kiev government. (Europa Press/Gavriil Grigorov/Kremlin Poo)

Court decisions are legally binding on states but hostilities continue ukraine Reflects the difficulty of implementing them.

At a hearing in September, Anton KorinevichThe representative of Ukraine at the ICJ said that the attitude of moscow It was also “an attack on the authority of this court.”

,Every missile Russia fires at our cities does so in defiance of this court“, he claimed.

Chief Representative of Russia at the Court, gennady kuzminSaid that Ukraine could not be “further from the truth” when it said that Kremlin called for United Nations Genocide Convention As a reason to start a war against your neighbor.

Kuzmin claims that Ukraine’s legal position is “untenable” and “goes against the well-established jurisprudence” of the court.

In March 2022, the ICJ followed Ukraine’s arguments and ordered Russia to “immediately suspend” its military operations, which however are continuing. (Europa Press)

According to him, the mere fact of making “declarations” about genocide cannot be protected under international rightsWhich also includes the Genocide Convention.

more than 30 countriesAll Ukraine’s Western allies supported Kiev in this matter.

In a separate case, the ICJ on Wednesday rejected Ukraine’s arguments alleging that Russia economically supported it for years separatist rebels Before the invasion, in the east of the country.

The court rejected most of Ukraine’s claims, but found that Russia had not conducted a possible investigation. violation of international treaty about the financing of terror,

The ICJ was the center of global attention last week over a case war in gaza strip, The court then urged Israel to take all necessary measures to prevent possible genocide during its military operations in response to the Hamas attack on 7 October.


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