‘The Last of Us’ Season 2 Adds Owen, Nora, Mel, Manny

Now that we know who Abby will be the last of us Season 2, let’s meet his friends.

Four more actors have joined the cast of the Emmy-winning HBO drama, which this week earned a big SAG award for Pedro Pascal’s performance as Joel. All of the newcomers play characters in Kaitlyn Dever’s Abby’s class.

good doctor And Riverdale The actor will play Spencer Lord Owen, who is officially described by HBO as “a gentle soul trapped in the body of a warrior, condemned to fight an enemy he refuses to hate ” almost Famous And love death Star Patrick Fugit plays Owen in an exclusive 2020 Naughty Dog video game the last of us part ii,

of ariella barer how to blow up a pipeline She will play Mel, described as “a young doctor whose commitment to saving lives is challenged by the realities of war and tribalism.” She replaces acclaimed video game actress Ashly Burch, who originated the role.

Spencer will play Lord Owen in ‘The Last of Us’ season 2, Ariela Barrer will play Mel.

Christine Kofsky Photography; naughty Dog; Emerson Records; naughty Dog

Danny Ramirez, who played high-profile roles in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier And Top Gun: Maverick, also joining as Manny, “a loyal soldier whose bright outlook belies the pain of old wounds and the fear that he will fail his friends when they need him most.” Alejandro Ada originally played the character the last of us part ii,

At the end, Sabrina’s hair-raising act And You Star Tati Gabrielle will play Nora, “a military doctor struggling to overcome the sins of her past.” Chelsea Tavares first took on the role of Nora, but Gabrielle is also attached to Naughty Dog, the studio that developed the game. Gabriel played treasure hunter Joe Braddock in the film adaptation of Naughty Dogs. unresolved Franchise.

Danny Ramirez will play Manny in ‘The Last of Us’ season 2, Tati Gabrielle will play Nora.

Fraser Harrison/Getty Images; naughty Dog; Tiziano; naughty Dog

the last of us Season 2 has already begun shooting in Canada, and these latest casting revelations mean HBO only has a few major characters left to confirm. Pascal and Bella Ramsey will return as Joel and Ellie along with Gabriel Luna as Joel’s brother Tommy, while Isabella Merced will play Ellie’s girlfriend Dinah, Young Mazino will play Ellie’s friend Jessie and Catherine O’Hara Will play an unknown role.

The events of Season 2 will begin to adapt the last of us part ii The game, which saw Joel and Ellie now living a peaceful life in Jackson, Wyo. In the community run by Tommy’s wife, Maria. (Rutina Wesley is expected to return as Maria.) But when a violent incident disrupts that peace, Ellie sets out on a mission to find those responsible.

Fans of the game are no doubt preparing themselves for what’s to come, especially with the recent new releases. The Last of Us Part II Remastered On PlayStation 5. For everyone else, let’s just say it has to do with this Abby character and her crew.

the last of us Season 2 will premiere sometime in 2025.

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