The MacBook Air M3 is the most obvious reason to leave Intel behind forever

He MacBook Air M3 This is not just another step in this evolution, but it is also a huge leap forward that confirms why it is time to leave Intel behind forever.

Is anyone still using Intel Macs?

Since its inception, the MacBook Air has been known primarily for its lightness and portability, but with the advent of the chip M3, this MacBook exceeds its own expectations. Compared to the fastest MacBook Air with Intel, the M3 is 13% more powerful. This increase in power is reflected in a fluid user experience, capable of easily handling day-to-day tasks ranging from less demanding applications to the most demanding professional level applications.

But power is not everything. energy efficiency of macbook Air M3 Undoubtedly, this is one of its most impressive features. With up to 18 hours of battery life, it beats the Intel model by more than 6 hours. This extended battery life allows users to enjoy true mobility without constantly checking the charger, making it the ideal companion for professionals and students.

macbook air 13 and 15 2024

GPU architecture of Piece M3 Deserves special mention. The improvement in graphics performance benefits not only professionals engaged in creative work that rely on graphics-intensive applications, but also users who use macbook For day-to-day tasks and those who want to enjoy a better and more fluid visual experience. For example, one of the things in which this is clearly reflected is the ability to run games with more demanding graphics, edit 4K videos, and perform graphic design tasks more easily. All this shows that we are facing the most versatile MacBook Air model yet.

Work quietly with MacBook Air M3

Another important advantage of MacBook Air M3 This is its silent operation. Unlike models that include chips intelThe M3 keeps temperatures under control, guaranteeing a quiet working environment as it does not include fans. Anyone who has a MacBook with Intel knows how annoying the sound of the fan can be when we work with the device for long periods of time.

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Personally, I have been using a MacBook Pro with the M3 Pro chip for two months and silence is something that is greatly appreciated when you work with a computer daily and for many hours.

The difference between Intel and Apple silicon is very small

There is no doubt that Intel’s switch to Apple Silicon chips is one of the best decisions Apple has made in recent years. By designing both hardware and software, Apple has achieved integration like never before, demonstrated by seamless performance that is not possible when relying on third-party components.

This synergy between hardware and software is evident in every aspect of the MacBook Air M3. From boot speed to instant application response and battery management, everything runs as smoothly as possible, greatly improving the user experience.

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