the moon moves away from the earth

When the Moon is in front of the Sun, we see the Full Moon and when it is between the Earth and the Sun, it is the New Moon and is not visible to us.
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Why does the moon leave us? Contrary to what happens in the science fiction film ‘Moonfall’ (2022), our Moon was formed billions of years ago when a body called “T” collided with Earth (causing the hypothesized large impact) in the Solar System. ‘s protoplanet), is moving away from us, causing the days to grow longer and the years to grow shorter due to constantly changing Earth-Moon dynamics. And there is no way to turn back this clock.

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Goodbye Moon, Goodbye

The Moon, about four times smaller than Earth, seems like a stable object in our sky, but the truth is that it has been in a constant state of change ever since. And this is because the Earth and the Moon are ‘moving apart’. The newborn Moon was about 16 times closer to Earth than it is today. As it cooled, the Moon retreated thousands of miles. And, every day, the Moon moves a little further away from us.

Scientists have been measuring this exact distance for more than 50 years. The Moon is increasing its orbit and moving away from us at a rate of 4 centimeters per year (specifically 3.78 cm per year).

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