The most effective exercises to tone the arms and prevent them from becoming loose at the age of 60

All women who lead an active lifestyle and are interested in exercising should try keep us healthy But to stay in good physical shape at any age, we know the frustration that is experienced when we feel that we are not getting the most out of our exercise routine. Even Pilates classes or functional routines focused on developing muscle strength sometimes don’t stop. work hard Some parts of the body that are often pushed into the background and unfortunately in the long run we notice the effects of the passage of time more than others.

We are talking, for example, about the arms, those forgotten arms in which dysfunction and especially dysfunction of the triceps (so-called bat wings) begin to show their claws after the age of 50. Is. Well, today we have brought a solution to this small problem on the face. high impact exercise Which is included in the daily training routine and being consistent in its practice helps in strengthening the muscles behind our biceps.

Best exercise to strengthen arms and prevent sagging: triceps dip

Although the name sounds a bit strange, you should know that to execute it correctly you only have to use a high ladder or a chair that you have at home with a solid base. the technique is very simpleIt’s about doing a variation of the classic squat but focusing on your arms instead of the lower body.

Skechers for walking and going to the gym. bobs b flex model

Take a walk and go to the gym.  bobs b flex model

Skechers for walking and going to the gym. bobs b flex model

In fact, often the biggest mistake that is made with regard to this exercise is to underestimate it and therefore leave it aside when setting up a workout when in reality it is. many more benefits Those that have been primarily considered include: strengthening the triceps and preventing sagging arms, strengthening the shoulders and indirectly engaging your abs.

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How to do the perfect triceps dip

  1. Place your hands on the edge of the chair as in the previous illustration.
  2. Place your buttocks right in front of the seat, making a 45º angle with your legs relative to the floor.
  3. stretch your arms. This should be your starting position.
  4. Slowly lower yourself down by bending your elbows until your arms form a 90º angle.
  5. Then activate your triceps and begin to push downwards with your hands so that you slowly begin to rise to the starting position. He will be your first full representative.

A good way to include it in your daily routine Start doing 4 sets of 12 repetitions each, Rest as much as you need between sets. Do you dare?

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