The next action film will prove that James Bond 26 will have to break canon and Brin…


  • Hopefully James Bond 26 will break with tradition and bring back Ana de Armas’s Paloma, as her No Time to Die performance deserves a spin-off.
  • Ana de Armas’ role in the upcoming John Wick spinoff, Ballerina, will showcase her star power and ability to excel in action roles.
  • Even though Paloma’s return will break 007 canon and cause continuity issues, it will be worth it because Ana de Armas is perfect for the role and could play an important role in the future of James Bond.

James Bond 26 needs to break canon to bring back the Daniel Craig-era star, and the 2024 action film will prove why. The next installment of the James Bond franchise will be made without Daniel Craig, who played Bond in five films over a period of 15 years. The death of Daniel Craig’s James Bond in No Time to Die confirms that the actor will be stepping down from the role and allowing a new actor to take over. In addition to the casting of the new Bond, other classic supporting roles will also likely be recast, as has been the case over the years.

Although resetting the franchise is again the right decision, hopefully James Bond 26 will break tradition to bring back a memorable character. Recreating Mr. Q and Miss Moneypenny has been a common practice over the years. This gives the franchise a sense of continuity and makes each series of Bond films feel different from actor to actor. While this works well for the James Bond series, there is one character worth bringing back, and the 2024 action film will be a reminder of why this star is needed in Bond 26.

James Bond 26 has not been officially confirmed.

The Ballerina Will Show More Why James Bond 26 Should Bring Back Ana de Armas’s Paloma

Ana de Armas to star in John Wick spin-off Ballerina

Ana de Armas’s Paloma is set to return in James Bond 26 and 2024’s Ballerina will further showcase the actress’ star power. With de Armas starring in the John Wick spinoff, she’ll once again be playing a major action role, which seems like a perfect fit for her acting style. The John Wick franchise is full of great action sequences that De Armas could pull off well, but it would also give him time to develop an interesting lead character. Ana de Armas stole the show in No Time to Die and became an instantly recognizable character despite her limited screen time.

With a perfect blend of action and humor, Paloma proved to be a refreshing character and highlighted that Ana de Armas’ No Time to Die performance deserved a spin-off. Paloma provided some much-needed comedy in the film, but it still fit into the overall tone well. This means Ana de Armas’ ballerina role will struggle to topple No Time to Die’s Paloma. The character was a perfect fit for De Armas, but the John Wick universe is very good at introducing new characters and giving De Armas a starring role could prove even better than a Bond spin-off.

RELATED CASTING A female James Bond would work with Ana de Armas If Ana de Armas’ character returns in No Time to Die, the next person to play Bond should be a woman. Here are some of the leading contenders for the role.

Paloma’s return will break 007 canon – but it’ll be worth it for James Bond 26

New casting will make Paloma’s return difficult, but it will be worth it

Even if Paloma’s return would create continuity problems for James Bond, this theory would still be worth breaking. Palmoa’s return from de Armas in Bond 26 will cause problems with the casting reset. If the role of James Bond is played by a different actor and the rest of the cast is reset, it wouldn’t seem out of place for de Armas to reprise his role. However, her character is unique and has no recurring allies as No Time to Die is Paloma’s only appearance, making her return a little more viable.

Judi Dench played the role of M in two series of Bond stories, appearing in both Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig films. This was forgiven by fans as Dench was perfect for the role, and a similar exception could have been made for de Armas. The franchise could have her play an alternate version of the character with the same characteristics or confirm that 007 is a code name and introduce Paloma to the new Bond. Considering how good she is in this role, Ana de Armas could play an important role in the future of James Bond and deserves to play Paloma in Bond 26.


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