The Premier League added four points to England’s historic squad and this is its new position in the table


10-point penalty evertonWhat took them from the middle of the Premier League to the relegation places has been fixed.

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This Monday, the Premier League reported, the responses to the appeal that the club submitted after an independent commission penalized the club for violating the financial rules of the competition in the year coinciding with the 2021-22 season. In 2010, a commission decided that his punishment would, in the end, be 6 units.

That improvement has already been updated in the English league table and the team now sits in 15th place, ahead of Nottingham Forest and Brentford.

everton There were 21 units and with improvements it reached 25. This means that the main candidates will fall championship Are luton town, burnley And sheffieldunited.

The Goodison Park offices did not complain about the fact that irregularities were found in their accounts, which they accepted, but rather that the punishment was not fair. To debate this he put nine arguments on the table. In two of them they have been proven right, which reduces the balance in their locker, although it maintains a situation that would be like not taking into account two wins, but applying two losses.

The first sanction was decided by an independent commission and its version by an independent appeals committee. The table that leaves the punishment at 6 points is headed by the judge sir gary hickinbottom With the help of experts Daniel Alexander And katherine apps, He was selected by the management of a similar independent panel that the Premier League has for these types of situations.

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pre-approval table

post approval table

Official: The Premier League adds four points to the historic England squad and this is its new position in the table


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