The rarest $10 bills that can be worth a lot

According to the Currency Auction Exchange House, there are currently at least 5 $10 dollar bills that, due to their rarity, errors, year of printing, special serial number or some other unusual feature, may be worth a fortune, so much so that You can also buy a small house.

Ordinary people may ignore small details in paper currency, But for experts, the slightest imperfection can cost millions of dollars.It’s all about having a good eye and knowledge on the subject.

For that reason, here we tell you which banknotes are currently worth more than their face value:

I will pay $10 dollars on demand since 1861

Years of printing are one of the characteristics most evaluated to determine the auction cost of bank notes. In 1861, this was the first year that paper currency was issued, so their value is usually high. During 2014, a $10 demand note of that year was sold for $381,875 and the amount increases as the years go by.

Silver Certificate $10 from 1878

For collectors, silver certificates are usually a big draw, just last year one sold for $312,000; The price at auction was determined not only by its age but also by how well it was preserved, as the paper retained its bright colors, its edges remained in good condition and the signatures were original.

Legal tender $10 dollars 1880

During an auction in 2006, a legal tender $10 bill from 1880 sold for approximately $185,000. Currently, there are only two copies of these banknotes that are highly graded.

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$10 note issued by the Federal Reserve in 1915

The preservation of bills can determine their value to a great extent. So far, it is known that there are only 29 copies of $10 bills issued by the Federal Reserve and they are very rare. In 2009, it was revealed that during an auction, one of them was sold. For approximately $125,000 dollars.

1923 $10 dollar legal tender star bill

In 2009, one such bill sold for $92,000. Stars on bills are usually rare, as they indicate that a bill replaced another bill with the same serial number, which is why they tend to be worth more when they are auctioned.

Other characteristics that usually equate bills to a fortune include repeated digits, old serial numbers or if they are palindromes, that is, if the serial number can be read backwards and be the same.

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