The return of American Horror Story season 12 is very timely


  • American Horror Story Season 12 Part 2 faces stiff competition from recent pregnancy horror films Immaculate and The First Omen.
  • The slow pace of American Horror Story Season 12 Part 1 has left some viewers frustrated and wanting more scares.
  • The predictability and lack of originality in Delicate’s plot may hinder the success of American Horror Story Season 12 Part 2.

Whereas American Horror Story With Season 12 Part 2 returning to screens soon, the anthology horror show’s latest release couldn’t come at a worse time. American Horror Story Season 12 premiered in September 2023. It is the story of Anna Alcott, an aspiring actor whose pregnancy is beset by strange, dark events, American Horror Story: Fragile The first season of the series was based on an existing novel. Author Danielle Valentine critical condition However, the source material for the season was provided American Horror Story: Fragile As the show’s convoluted story continued, there were departures from the book’s plot.

since American Horror StoryAll seasons are connected, American Horror Story: Fragile The anthology hinted at the possibility of Anna’s story connecting with the show’s earlier appearances. Thus, a lot of exciting things can be expected American Horror Story Season 12 Part 2. That said, the gap between the show’s first five episodes and its finale is regrettable. American Horror StoryIts themes would have been explored by not one, but two major horror films that came out just before the series returned to screens. This may weaken the novelty and effectiveness of the show’s story.

There are 2 pregnancy horrors before American Horror Story Season 12 Part 2

The Immaculate and The First Omen both mirror the plot of AHS 12

American Horror Story: Fragile Will be back on 3rd April 2024But both sydney sweeney horror movie Nirmal and franchise reboot first omen got to tenderPregnancy plot before the season ends. American Horror Story Season 12’s pregnancy horror story was already one of risqué proportions when the season started back in 2023, as anthology horror shows have never been tactful or interesting about sensitive topics. early episodes of American Horror Story: Fragile The topic of pregnancy wasn’t handled particularly well, but the show wasn’t as devastating as it could have been.

Nirmal And first omen Reaching theaters a few days before the show’s return doesn’t help. Both films focus on a pregnancy that may be demonic in nature. Nirmal While garnering positive reviews and great box office earnings first omen has generated a lot of hype for its franchise revival. opposite of this, This is difficult American Horror Story Season 12 Part 2 To Not Feel Tired And Played Out, American Horror Story Season 12’s mid-season cliffhanger wasn’t particularly eventful. This leaves viewers with no reason to expect the show to return, especially after some pregnancy horror movies.

Immaculate’s reviews shed light on American Horror Story season 12’s problems

Speed ​​of pregnancy horror faces criticism

Although the film received largely solid reviews, some commentators criticized Nirmal To keep its truly scary moments until the last few minutes of the film. American Horror Story Season 12 Part 1 has also been criticized for its slow pace, but this is a far bigger problem for the series due to its long running time. While a slow-moving horror movie can often reach a dramatic ending that’s worth the wait, anthology shows need to maintain consistent interest over a 12-episode season. American Horror Story: Fragile He failed this test due to very little happening in the show’s first five appearances.

Some? American Horror StoryThe most disturbing episodes came at the beginning or middle of their expected seasons to keep viewers engaged in the outing’s story. opposite of this, tender Part 1 features some priceless dramatic moments. Anna’s miscarriage was a really disturbing twist but was later ironed out And after this initial shock there were almost no major scares. The subplot with Dex’s mother has no relevance to the main story so far, Siobhan’s blatant villainy still hasn’t been exposed, and it’s painfully predictable that a climactic Faustian bargain is being set up.

American Horror Story Season 12 Part 2 Has a Major Pacing Flaw

The series has dragged its story too long

American Horror Story: FragileIts slow pace is much less effective in the TV format, where it takes several episodes for the heroine’s pregnancy to begin. To make matters worse, American Horror Story It’s usually famous for its fast-paced plot and wild twists, so this slow, quiet approach is doubly misleading. Whereas Nirmal And first omen can avoid taking ourselves a little too seriously, American Horror Story: Fragile It was expected to be a great pleasure. Instead, the first half of the season has been a grim chore filled with fake-outs, red herrings, and pointless subplots.

Whereas American Horror Story With Preacher’s backstory revealed in Season 12 Episode 5 and Siobhan’s plan for Anna’s future finally seen put into action, there’s a good chance it’ll be a case of too little, too late in Part 2. Nirmal And first omen Having saturated audiences with creepy, quasi-religious pregnancy horror stories about young women who fall prey to shady cults, the plot of Delicate no longer feels original. This season has already faced criticism for its similarities rosemary’s babyso American Horror Story The over-familiar story of Season 12 Part 2 now feels completely redundant.

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