The Second Atopic Dermatitis Symposium arrived in Puerto Rico with national and international experts

In this position the expert will address everything from the psychological impact to the work of various associations targeted at patients in 3 Latin American countries.

You can follow the live broadcast through the social networks of MSP Magazine and the Atopic Dermatitis Patient Support Alliance (AAPDA) starting at 8 am.

This Saturday, with the Patient Assistance Coalition atopic dermatitisWill lead the second international symposium in collaboration with Revista Medicina y Salud Pública atopic dermatitis in Puerto Rico, which will bring together leading national and international experts from different fields of medicine to address the management of this condition.

New treatments for atopic dermatitis and detection of allergens

Dr. José González Chávez, dermatologist, professor leading in clinical drug research, will give an interesting talk about the medicinal treatment options that have been implemented in recent years, and which are now available to patients. atopic dermatitis,

There are many factors that can activate or aggravate an outbreak atopic dermatitis In patients, such as stress, climate, environmental pollution, cleaning products, among others. For this reason, Dr. Wilma Vazquez, an allergist immunologist, will examine the main environmental triggers of this disease in patients, and provide a series of recommendations to reduce environmental exposures.

Psychological impact of atopic dermatitis

It is a skin condition, atopic dermatitis This can have a profound impact on people’s health, whether in terms of self-esteem, self-acceptance, etc. For this reason, clinical psychologist Dr. Isabel Hernández will talk about the challenges that patients with this condition face at the psychological level, as well as strategies for emotional strength.

Additionally, sex therapist Dr. Joni Morales will discuss the impact of the disease on self-image, physical symptoms on intimacy, and how you can reduce its impact.

Recommended diet and exercise for atopic dermatitis

Although it is true that atopic dermatitis This is not a food allergy, it is important to maintain a healthy diet to improve the symptoms. Dr. Rosalie Cartagena, nutritionist and president of the College of Dietitians of Puerto Rico, will be in charge of explaining to attendees what impact diet has on the skin microbiome and, therefore, on the development of outbreaks. atopic dermatitis,

Similarly, it will recommend some foods that can help improve the symptoms of the disease and reduce its recurrence.

On the other hand, Jahdiel Rosado, a certified personal trainer, will talk about the importance of integrating exercise routines into the daily care of this disease. Let’s remember that regular exercise is beneficial for general health, including the skin. However, it is necessary to follow several recommendations, such as the appropriate type of clothing, to avoid discomfort and skin irritation.

international speaker

From Argentina, LCDA. Laura Resnichenko, psychologist, patient atopic dermatitis and Vice President of the Association atopic dermatitis Argentina will tell its story with diagnosis, and the work done by ADAR to raise awareness and educate the Argentine population about the condition, and the support it provides to patients in that country.

Similarly, from Chile, Francisco Tapia Besnier, Founder of the PADECE Foundation, will also describe the organization’s impact on behalf of skin disease patients in Chile and share the reality faced by skin disease patients. atopic dermatitis In that country.

Finally, Dr. Ileana Alfaro, from Costa Rica, dermatologist and President of the Amor en la Piel Association, will share with attendees the most relevant and updated information regarding the diagnostic criteria, management, control and treatment of this disease.

To participate in person, you can register for free by sending a text message via WhatsApp to the number +1 787-312-0029. You can also follow the live broadcast through MSP Magazine and Patient Support Alliance’s social networks atopic dermatitis (AAPDA) from 8 am onwards.